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    How many of you work in a CYA environment? I’m guessing many of you are nodding yes. Well – it all depends on perspective. What if CYA didn’t mean ‘Cover Your Ass’ but rather ‘Choose Your Attitude’. How different would your workplace be if people really got it that they alone are responsible for how their day goes. Everyone gets a chance to choose their attitude from the minute they walk into work, to the staff meetings they sit through, to the way they talk to their co-workers. Here’s a little insider information – You create your world from the inside out. Choosing your attitude is the first step.

    What do I mean by creating your world from the inside out? Your attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, judgments shape your words and deeds. When you truly understand you have the power to choose your attitudes (and I’m including here your beliefs, thoughts, judgments), you are the master of your world*. Your inner dialogue shapes how your outer world unfolds. When was the last time someone pushed a hot button of yours? Guess what – you can’t determine what others do, but you can determine how your respond. Choosing your attitude is an empowering approach to your work. You control your mental and emotional state, rather than giving your control away to someone else.

    There are only two responses you can give in any moment– acts of love or acts of fear. Cover Your Ass is a fear-based response. Choose Your Attitude helps you remember you can choose a loving response instead.

    We always get a chance to choose our attitude, in the small and large ways. Pay attention to how you respond to things this week. Do you respond from a place of love or fear? Affirm that you are able to respond with loving kindness to others, no matter what they do. You’ll move more easefully through your day if you do.

    Here’s an affirmation to help you this week:

    I know I am whole, balanced and supported by staying true to my Source of Love. I know that everyone is doing the best they can in any moment. Let me enhance this moment with my compassionate understanding and loving kindness. I will stay true to my inner knowing that I am Love regardless of what goes on around me. As such I will choose the most loving thought, word or deed I can offer in the moment.

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