A is for Aliveness

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    While reading Deepak Chopra’s book Creating Affluence: The A-Z Steps to a Richer Life, I thought it would be fun to write a series of blog posts using the same type of approach. Each week I’ll share the A-Z inspirations for bringing your spirituality to work. When I thought of what “A” would be many possibilities came to mind – authenticity, alignment and abundance were some great examples that I could use. However, I decided to go with aliveness.
    A friend gave me a great card titled “How To Really Be Alive.” When I started reflecting on what being alive at work really means or looks like, it reminds me of the essence of what spirituality in the workplace is really all about: to be fully alive by bringing your whole self to work.
    Here are some thoughts as to what an acronym for the word alive could be along with some lively descriptors in quotes from the card.

    A = Accomplishment. For many of us feeling alive is related to the notion of accomplishment. Whether it is internal or external, the sense of working hard toward a meaningful goal and eventually accomplishing it is what helps us to “live juicy.”

    L = Love. Love for someone or love of something usually brings us more meaning and helps us feel more alive. Yet how can we show our love for others at work? I showed in a training the other day a behind-the-scenes video of the world famous Pike’s Place Fish Market in Seattle. The owner of the store shared how he has the best crew since the 35 years he’s been there. It struck me that he actually used the words, “I love them and they love me.”

    I = Infinity. The card challenges us to “believe in everything” because “the miracle is you.” When we can tap into our never-ending reservoir of belief the possibilities are endless.

    V = Vitality. How can we bring more spirit, spunk, fervor and zest into our work? According to the card, we should “spin ourselves dizzy” or “hang upside down.” This high-energy approach to work is contagious, keeping us and our coworkers engaged!

    E = Ecstatic. The card even describes ideas of how to be extremely happy. “Be ridiculous.” “Drink sunsets.” Or better yet, “keep toys in the bathtub!” When we are ecstatic with our work and co-workers we automatically increase our satisfaction level.

    How do you come alive? If you had to pick which words brought you life at work, what would they be?


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