The Spirit of Appreciation

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    One spiritual practice that I continue to learn about and grow into is the practice of gratitude and appreciation (I’ll be writing a lot about this topic). When we are in a state of appreciation we are transmitting some of the highest and most spiritual energy vibrations as possible. As appreciation elevates our own energy levels, our energy levels with others elevates as well. We then attract more of the kind of energy we are putting out there. Like Louise Hay says “the more grateful you are the more you have to be grateful for.”

    One author who has taught me a lot about appreciation is Mike Robbins. He wrote a book Focus on the Good Stuff. In his recent blog post and audio message he shares with us wonderful insights on appreciating the simple things. You’ll want to check his blog out.

    One of the insights he shared was to be easily impressed. This happened to me this morning as I went with two of my sons to the grocery store. I was easily impressed with my experience. I shop at a large grocery store in Minnesota called Cub Foods. It’s a do-it-yourself approach when it comes to bagging your groceries and bringing them out to your car. Yet today I had multiple workers who had the spirit of appreciation in their mindset at work to help me out. One of the workers helped me bag my groceries and I even had two gentlemen fight over who was going to help me take my other cart (yes, I needed two carts since my boys took up most of the first one) to the car. He also helped me put my groceries in my already full car. I’ve only had this happen to me one other time at this store in the ten years I’ve been shopping here. The other time it happened was within the past couple of months. I believe what’s happened is that I’ve recently been easily impressed with Cub and raised my energy level to a state of appreciation when I shop there. Thus, I’m then attracting those to help me as my spirit of appreciation flows out to others.

    How can you grow your spirit of appreciation in the work that you do? What simple things do you appreciate? How will you be easily impressed?


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