Reasons for the spirituality in the workplace movement

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    There are many reasons that contribute to this movement around spirit in the workplace. Here are a few reasons I’ve found on why it began.

    Employees want more from their organizations and organizations demand more from their employees. With all the corporate downsizing and restructuring, employees who are left tend to work longer hours. As a result, they want to bring more of their outside self to work. As organizations continue to struggle to find and keep talented employees, they need to offer more than just “a job.” Employees yearn to feel part of a mission, to add value and to contribute in a meaningful way.

    Previous movements in the 1980’s and 1990’s such as the new age, work/life balance, simplicity and others have paved the way for this one as well as newer ones like the green movement.

    Different generations are contributing to it as well. The majority of the population, 78 million baby boomers, are reaching mid-life and looking at spiritual issues such as: What is my legacy? What is my purpose? What is really important to me? Generation Xers are driven toward a what’s-in-it-for-me mentality and are willing to make organizational changes to meet those needs for work-life balance. Generation Y is the other dominate generation with 76 million. This value-based, team-focused generation is influencing the workplace in many positive ways, one being wanting flexible workplaces that provide meaning and growth opportunities.

    In general it is also a reflective time in society as we experienced the first decade of the millennium. As we are living this momentous time in history, society as a whole is reflecting on matters related to spirituality, ethics and humanity.

    Why do you think the spirituality in the workplace movement began?


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