How to Describe Spirit in the Workplace – Another Perspective.

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    It’s an honor to be co-hosting this blog with Linda and we look forward to exploring this meaningful topic with you! Linda shared with you her insights on what spirituality at work is and I’m going to do the same. As I’ve been studying and living out this topic for the past 15 years all I know is that I’m grateful to have this passion because it’s changed the way I work and live.

    What is it?

    Some refer to it as a sense of enthusiasm. Others relate it to interconnectedness. Some describe it as the whole self. Others think it is associated with religion. So what is “it” that people have different interpretations of? It is referred to as spirit in the workplace.

    My description of spirit in the workplace is that it allows you to feel a greater sense of connection by bringing your whole self, the essence of who you are, to a supportive environment. It is not associated with religion. Let’s explore some key elements within this description.

    Connection. People are yearning to connect with others. Connections provide people with meaning and a sense of belonging to something greater.

    Whole self. The whole self concept encourages people to look at their life holistically – that they aren’t one person in their personal life and then another person in their professional lives. In fact, business poet David Whyte explains how most of us only bring 60 percent of ourselves to the workplace and leave the other 40 percent of our real self in the car.

    Essence. Essence is about getting to your core, your inner self. Author Alexandra Stoddard said that “your spirit, your essence, is at the heart of everything about you.” The only way that you can get to the core is to go within and find your heart’s deepest desires.

    Supportive environment. The other key piece is the environment. Whether it is at home or on the job, a supportive environment is how the spirit is embraced and fostered.

    Not associated with religion. Spirit in the workplace does not promote a specific religion, it promotes an all-inclusive and interconnected view similar to spirituality.

    How about you? We invite you to share your perspective!


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