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    Another Alternative to Christmas Cards

    In the last post, we discussed an outside-the-box idea for businesses to reach out to their employees, associates and customers during the Holiday rush. By sending Thanksgiving cards, you can pre-empt your competitors, send a message of thanks, and avoid any unintended religious offense.

    If you like the idea, but it’s too late to coordinate that this year (Thanksgiving is next week, after all) consider another alternative and have the last word.

    Send a Message Wishing Business Prosperity

    When to send this? News Years Day! When the holiday festivities are over, and the parties are a memory, we turn our thoughts to the New Year and all the possibilities. It’s a time of hope and positive thinking. It’s the perfect time to send your heartfelt wishes for health, happiness and prosperity.

    Example New Years Greetings

    If you’re able to print cards with a custom message, try one of the following (thanks to

    • Our Thanks to You and Our Best Wishes for a Successful New Year.
    • Our Best New Year Wishes to You, Who Make Our Progress Possible.
    • To our friends old and new, best wishes for peace and prosperity in the New Year.
    • During the Holiday Season, it is a great pleasure to share greetings with those whose good will and friendship are so highly valued. Our best wishes for a bright and prosperous New Year, filled with happiness for you and yours.
    • One of the pleasures of the Holidays is the chance send our thanks and best wishes to you for a wonderful New Year.

    If these don’t quite suit you, why not ask your employees for modifications or suggestions? It might be fun to have a contest and choose the message that best ‘fits’ your company’s personality or brand image. By engaging your employees, it truly becomes a personal, heartfelt sentiment.

    Your company gets the last word. You stand out from the crowd – to be remembered for a very positive prosperity message.

    What have you done in a unique, memorable way for the holidays?


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