1 Social Media ‘Must-Do’ – Even if You Don’t Do Social Media!

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    Stake your online real estate NOW!

    The internet and social media are in their infancy, and you may never have this opportunity again. You now have the one-time chance to ‘claim to your online real estate’.

    The internet is one big unclaimed territory. Each social networking community offers you and your brand a free account – your real estate. Imagine yourself a few years down the road, and you’ve decided to ramp up your social media must-do. But you discover that the name you want – your BRAND – is taken!

    Establish accounts in your name with key online and social media platforms before your brand and/or your name is taken by someone else. Once they’re taken, they will not be available again. You have this one chance to establish a full portfolio with your unique brand – do it now!

    Outsource Social Media Identity Protection

    A few online companies offer this service. AllDoneForYou.com offers ‘Social Media Identity Protection’ services for $59.00, proclaiming;

    “There are 150 social media sites where securing your identity is mandatory. Just one breach in your identity on these sites can cause a tidal wave of trouble for your image and reputation. Our job is to secure your own identity in all of these social networking areas before someone else comes along and claims your identity. We will sign you up personally at all 150 networking sites. We will prevent someone else (perhaps even your competition) from claiming your identity. This way no one can use your identity in malicious ways.”

    Basic Social Networking Sites

    You’ll want to cover the basics, as well as those in your business niche. You can do this yourself if you’d prefer to save the money. A few of the top social networking sites include:

    1. Twitter
    2. MySpace
    3. Facebook
    4. Bebo
    5. Friendster
    6. Hi5
    7. Orkut
    8. Zorpia
    9. Netlog
    10. Propeller

    To find sites related to your industry or niche, search for “Top ____________social networking sites” – fill in the blank with your niche descriptive word.

    Have you protected your brand? What other sites do you recommend?


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