Resume Fail

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    In a recent article, Forbes lists three things that will get your resume “thrown in the trash.” The list includes three resume mistakes that will most likely get candidates overlooked. The article provides good advice. I would recommend giving it a read.
    The Forbes list includes the following:
    • You don’t meet the basic requirements
    • You are not a culture fit
    • You don’t pay attention to detail

    In addition, be mindful of the following:
    • The resume doesn’t highlight the qualifications to the specific job for which you are applying. Look at the ad or description that is posted. It will most likely not only tell you the qualifications, but many times it will start with what is most needed or required. If you learned about the job from someone in the company or a recruiter, be sure to find out what skills are required and what are most important. Your resume will be scanned quickly, be sure your can show how your qualifications will fit this position.
    • The resume includes an objective statement that refers to another industry, position or company. This is in line with Forbes advice to pay attention to detail. I would recommend removing the objective statement all together. Use that space for a headline statement that highlights your skills and background.
    • The resume makes claims about your abilities or skills without communicating results. Be sure you can show what results you have achieved by using those skills. You have very limited space to display your qualifications and sell yourself to a recruiter. Use that space wisely.
    • Do not use creative fonts and formatting for your resume. The resume is often uploaded into an applicant tracking system. Those systems do not always display special fonts accurately. If it doesn’t convert well, the recruiter will not be able to read it and it will be skipped.

    What other advise can you share?
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