Job Transition: Do It the Right Way

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    Job TransitionAt some one point in our career, many of us wanted to tell our employers, “I quit!”. We may even have fantasized going out in a blaze of glory, like former Jet Blue flight attendant Steve Slater.

    However, there is a right and a wrong way to transition from one job to another within or outside the organization you work for. So, if you’re someone who is seeking a better position or finds that a fantastic opportunity has landed in your lap, here are three steps from a Harvard Business Review blog to do it right.

    1. Take the high road.
    Be positive. When you give the news to your boss, avoid ranting and raving. You may feel better but it won’t help your career. If you do have constructive feedback, schedule a separate meeting with your boss focusing on how the team can work better going forward.

    2. Help find your replacement.
    Don’t leave your team or manager in the lurch. Review with your boss the job’s challenges and responsibilities. You can even give suggestions of who might be a good fit. Tie up loose ends and document your work so that there is a smooth transition. Leaving your team in good hands and in good shape will be remembered long after you’re gone.

    3. Stay in touch.
    Don’t sever all ties with the company even if you had a bad experience. Your former colleagues or managers are a valuable asset to you and not just for the sake of the reference letter or Linkedin recommendation. More importantly, that network may come in handy over the next 10, 20, or even 30 years of your work life.

    Career Success Tip:

    Don’t burn bridges. Who knows where you’ll end up after this new job? Today’s work world is very mobile. In a future role, you may end up working with or for that former boss or those colleagues or your direct reports. It happens. Don’t you want them to think highly of you today as well as tomorrow? So, do it right. Also, take a look at the post: Changing Jobs: Don’t Have Buyers Remorse.

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