TruthFinder Review: Is it a Legit Background Check Service?

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    TruthFinder is a background check service you can use to uncover information about those around you. With so much false information floating around, it’s designed to help you decipher fact from fiction regarding a date, neighbor, or colleague. Read on to discover everything TruthFinder can do for you.

    Run a Background Check with TruthFinder

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    Is TruthFinder Legit? – Our Verdict

    Truthfinder logo

    TruthFinder is perfect for anyone wanting to gather information on someone for personal reasons. With a single search, you can collect information on a new neighbor or track down a long-lost friend. It’s even possible to look yourself up to see if your data has found its way to the dark web.

    Although you can’t run a report without a monthly subscription, TruthFinder lets you search as often as you want while your membership is active. Keep in mind that TruthFinder is not an FCRA-compliant service and can’t be used for employee, tenant, or lendee screening.

    • Proprietary dark web scanning
    • Reasonable pricing for phone number lookup service
    • Unlimited reports
    • Must get a monthly subscription, no individual reports
    • Only includes results from the United States
    • Over-the-top process to obtain results

    TruthFinder at a Glance

    TruthFinder is one of the best background check services allowing you to discover information on individuals you’d like to learn more about. It provides accurate details on a person’s history, criminal status, and current whereabouts.

    The tool does beyond rudimentary scans, diving deep into the dark web for data that may come back to haunt you. If you’ve been subject to identity theft, it’s here your private information will come up for sale. Through routine self-searches, you can rest assured that your credit card and social security numbers are safe.

    All searches are completely anonymous, and you can perform them from a computer or mobile device. TruthFinder’s personalized user interface keeps the process simple.

    Although TruthFinder isn’t the cheapest option out there, the price makes sense for the amount of data you receive. You can’t perform single searches, but a one-month membership only costs $28.01. If you’re planning a lot of searches, you can save a few bucks by subscribing for two months at a time.

    Run a Background Check with TruthFinder

    Who TruthFinder is Best For

    Anyone and everyone can use TruthFinder to uncover information about a particular person. At less than $30 per month, the price should be well within reach of the average searcher. 

    Because TruthFinder is not FCRA compliant, businesses, landlords, and financial institutions can’t use the service to play favorites with candidates.

    Is TruthFinder Legit?

    TruthFinder is a legitimate people search service that began conducting business back in 2015. Search results often come back accurate, and the information listed is up to date. It currently has a 4.4 rating on Consumer Affairs, and reviews on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store speak highly of what TruthFinder can do.

    TruthFinder Cost

    TruthFinder only has monthly memberships and does not allow one-off searches. Its pricing is not evident at first glance, and even its about section doesn’t reveal options.

    You’ll have to run your first search to discover monthly fees, and at this point, you’ll be able to choose between a one-month or two-month subscription.

    One-month subscription: $28.01 per month

    Two-month subscription: $23.28 per month

    If you hesitate on the membership screen, TruthFinder usually offers a special 5-day trial of all its services for just $1. After that, you’ll pay the full price for a monthly membership.

    The reverse phone lookup is a separate feature that costs an additional $4.99 per month.

    Screenshot of Truthfinder's subscription plans

    TruthFinder Features

    TruthFinder has several cool features you can take advantage of as a subscriber. Let’s take a look at them now.

    People Search

    TruthFinder works surprisingly well at finding a friend or family member you’ve fallen out of contact with. With its search feature, you can enter the name and last known location of a person in question and let TruthFinder do the work for you.

    As it looks through data, TruthFinder often prompts questions about the individual’s age, middle initial, or how you know the person. These pieces of information will help the service narrow its parameters and find what you’re looking for. You’ll need to stay close to your computer while the search is running in case a question pops up.

    After a handful of minutes, you’ll see a list of people potentially fitting your candidate. Clicking on one of those names sends you to your report once you’ve agreed you’re not going to violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    On the other side of the search, you’re greeted with a wealth of information on your target. In this solitary location, you’ll uncover social media information, education and work history, past relationships, and even criminal records. It will also share any current addresses or contact information so you can get in touch.

    You can use TruthFinder people search for more than just missing friends or relatives. The tool also works well for new neighbors or the love interest you met in person or online. Being in the know can help keep you and your family members safe.

    Run a People Search with TruthFinder

    Public Records Search

    Screenshot of Truthfinder's Public records search

    For a long time, the only way to look into public government records was through a formal request from your local courthouse. A single request could take days or even weeks to get one document from the county you’re looking for information from.

    With TruthFinder, you can search for public records on an individual and get access to information from any courthouse in the country, all from your computer. You only have to know the name of the person you’re inquiring about. As with any search, the more information you have on someone, the better.

    When your results come in, you’ll be able to immediately see any criminal activity he or she has engaged in the past. This includes arrest and criminal records, court cases, bankruptcies, and even outstanding warrants. These records will also reveal if the person in question is a sex offender.

    Reverse Phone Lookup

    Truthfinder's reverse phone lookup page

    Cell phone numbers aren’t as private as they used to be, leading to more frequent calls from unknown numbers. The TruthFinder reverse phone lookup lets you see who’s trying to get in touch.

    Getting your results takes a few minutes, and you’ll want to stand by to click through various prompts and confirmations. Once on the other side of the search, you’ll have access to the caller’s name, location, and social media presence. If available, TruthFinder will even display satellite images of the person’s house.

    TruthFinder will also share any information it has on the caller’s relatives or criminal record. If the phone number originates from a business, you’ll receive the company’s name, location, and any other data the site can dig up.

    You can also use the TruthFinder reverse phone lookup to see who’s on the other end of the number your significant other is in contact with. It’s worth noting that TruthFinder doesn’t have access to phone conversations or text messages, but you can see the name and locations of the person on the other end.

    Dark Web Search

    Dark web search on Truthfinder

    While there are other background check sites out there, few have the power of the dark web search. TruthFinder’s comprehensive scan scours for any of your personal information out for sale on the dark web. The tool will let you know if you’ve been a victim of identity theft so you can lock down accounts and change information before it’s too late.

    Online identity theft is at an all-time high, and it’s becoming increasingly easy for your private information to fall into the wrong hands. With one dark web search, TruthFinder will show you if your bank account, credit or debit cards, driver’s license, passport number, and more are accessible to miscreants. If your information comes up in a search, you’ll want to act fast to regain control of your identity.

    Run a Dark Web Search with TruthFinder

    Accurate Reports

    Despite all the pomp and circumstance of getting your results, TruthFinder does an excellent job of finding accurate and up-to-date information on your search target. Just before you see your results, the site shows you an accuracy gauge based on what it could locate.

    To that point, TruthFinder will always only be as accurate as the information found in the millions of databases it searches. It cannot come up with information that simply isn’t there.

    TruthFinder App

    The TruthFinder App puts the entire service at your fingertips, no matter where you may be. You can quickly check who’s on the other end of a phone call or look up the person you’re meeting for lunch while you’re on your way there.

    You can download the app on both Android and iOS devices. TruthFinder reviews on each operating system receive high praise, with over 4.5 stars out of a possible 5.

    Easy-to-Use Dashboard

    No matter which device you prefer to run reports from, TruthFinder comes with a personalized dashboard for you to use. This layout makes it easy to run searches and track down information on the person in question. The interface is very intuitive, with specific search buttons laid out for you to choose from.

    Search Anonymously

    There can be some trepidation about running a search on someone online. After all, it could be catastrophic if that other person finds out.

    Fortunately, TruthFinder lets you remain completely anonymous any time you run a report on an individual. The person will have no idea you looked them up or what information you were able to acquire. Such privacy when searching is a huge blessing, as many social media sites will inform others of your intent. Some platforms even require you to add the individual to your network to obtain information.

    Protect Your Online Presence

    If you can look up information on others, you’d better believe that people can look up information on you. TruthFinder allows members to opt out of searches by filling out an online form. 

    This means others using TruthFinder to look you up won’t be able to dig up any information on you. Note that this does not remove your data from the millions of records TruthFinder scans.

    Alternatives to TruthFinder

    There’s some strong competition for TruthFinder out there. If the service doesn’t appeal to you, consider one of these alternatives instead.

    Intelius logo

    Like TruthFinder, Intelius’s website is very easy to use. A single click can take you to background check, reverse phone lookup, or even a search by address. There’s no limit to the number of searches you perform in a month, but it can take a long time to get results.

    Intelius offers a fast pass to cut the wait time down, but it begs the question of why scans can’t be fast in the first place. The fast pass is just one of many potential upcharges you may find yourself paying for.

    Pricing options aren’t terribly clear, either. It’s hard to decipher just what information you’ll get from each of the packages listed on the site.

    You can bundle reverse phone lookup and people search for $34.95 per month or address lookup and people search for $29.78 per month. Both come with week-long trials for just $0.95. There’s a standard people search option for $24.86 per month or $21.13 monthly if you pay in two-month increments. 

    • Unlimited searches
    • The site is easy to navigate
    • Fast Pass for quick report access
    • Other services come with additional fees
    • Hard to understand pricing options
    • Not the most accurate results

    Instant Checkmate is huge on government data, using billions of databases to come up with accurate background checks, including criminal activity on your target. Searches often come with detailed property data you won’t find elsewhere.

    Like other people search sites, Instant Checkmate’s search process seems over the top. You can use advanced search filters to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot on pertinent information.

    Membership fees with Instant Checkmate are the highest we’ve seen, perhaps due to the depth of government data it searches through. A single month will set you back $35.12, but you can reduce costs a bit by paying $28.09 monthly for a three-month subscription. Reverse phone lookup tools will cost you an additional $5.99.

    Instant Checkmate does have dark web monitoring, but this is an extra $1.99 per month upcharge.

    • Accurate criminal and background checks
    • Searches come with property data
    • Advanced search filters
    • Overbearing search process
    • Expensive membership fees
    • No option to pay per report
    US Search logo

    US Search doesn’t have a pricing page, making it increasingly difficult to know what you’re going to pay for signing up. After running a test search, it appears you can perform a month’s worth of searches for just $19.86. Individual searches are an option, but each one can cost up to $3.

    If you’re new to the people search game, US Search has a quick start wizard to walk you through the process. The site will ask poignant questions about your criteria to narrow down parameters and help you find what you’re looking for.

    The platform is one of the few to offer a refund policy if you’re not enjoying your experience or getting the desired results. Simply call the customer service department at the number on the site and ask for a refund.

    • Quick start wizard
    • Reasonable cost for membership
    • Fair refund policy
    • Basic presentation
    • Lack of clear pricing
    • Available in the US only
    Spokeo logo

    Spokeo advertises fast searches with over 12 billion records from thousands of data sources. You’ll only find information from U.S. sources, but this is an impressive number nonetheless.

    Last time we checked, Spokeo offered a single month of unlimited reports for just $19.95 a month. If you know you’ll be searching for a while, you can get three months of results for just $14.95 per month.

    It is possible to perform a single search while on Spokeo should a membership not interest you. You’ll pay $0.95 for the search, but Spokeo will automatically enroll you in a seven-day trial of its services. Be careful not to start paying for a membership if you don’t want to.

    When you receive your results, Spokeo allows you to download the information to your computer for access at any time in the future. This service doesn’t even cost anything extra to use.

    • Reasonably-priced plans
    • Pulls from over 12 billion records
    • Unlimited PDF downloads 
    • Lacks some government search information
    • Available in the US only
    • Vague pricing

    TruthFinder Review – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    In our FAQ section, we drill down on some of the most popular questions about the TruthFinder service. Have a look at the answers below.

    Bottom Line on TruthFinder

    TruthFinder offers an accurate look into someone’s life, whether you’re curious about a new neighbor or want to find a friend from high school. The site scours millions of data points to provide you with everything from education history to criminal records. 

    It can even help keep your information safe by checking the dark web for stolen credit card numbers or personal identifiers. Using TruthFinder is safe and easy. Just be sure not to use the site for anything that violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    Run a Background Check with TruthFinder Now

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