Is your Light Under a Bushel or Shining Brightly?

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    Imbolc candles

    This week is the half way point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) celebrated as Candlemas in the Catholic tradition, Imboc in the Celtic tradition. It marks a time when the days get noticeably longer and there is preparation for spring. Perhaps you’ve seen more light as you’ve prepared for work.

    During this time of winter quiet and darker days, it is a time to make preparations for what you want to bring forth in the coming year. In an earlier blog post, I invited you to accept your mission this year, to discover and be true to who you are. Think through what you need to prepare for yourself so that you can fully step into your mission and purpose.

    Letting your Light Shine

    You are a bright beautiful being. Feel that, know that. If you have troubles believing this – What blocks you from shining brightly? Is it Fear, ego, peer pressure, insecurity? Prepare to let go of those things that keep you hidden under a bushel. Share the brightness and beauty of Who You Are at your work place, with your customers, clients and co-workers.

    When you live true to who you are, at work and elsewhere, you let your Light shine. When you stop short of being your authentic beautiful self, when you bow to pressure from others to be a certain way that’s just not you, you hide your light under a bushel. It helps no one and eventually dims your own life.

    Finding Your Purpose

    Take some time during these darker, quieter days of winter to get in touch with your purpose, your gifts, your bigger mission here. I have some coaching questions that will help you discover what your purpose is and what energizes you to get up in the morning (go to – under the Coaching tab scroll down to “Twelve Life Review Questions”).

    I remember an attorney in one of my workshops for my book, Path for Greatness. He seemed genuinely concerned about the work he was doing. He knew he had been successful at stopping a lot of bad business decisions, not only bad for the company but bad for society as well. He wondered if his purpose was to stop the bad things some of the leadership wanted to do and if that purpose was enough to sustain him. We worked on helping him discover his passion and purpose so that he could determine his next steps at work. I invite you likewise to take this time to discover your passion and purpose so that you can be a Light for others.

    Have you had moments when you felt authentic at work? Have you had days when you got a glimpse at what your purpose is? Leave us a comment and share what helps you be authentic at your work.


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