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    Bringing Joy to Work

    “To bring joy to billions” is the mission statement of Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret and her newly released book The Power. I know that I’m one of those billion people that she was intending to bring joy to. While her work has brought me joy, she has no idea that it has. And that is like most of our work. We have no idea the kind of joy it brings to others. Maybe you’re involved in creating a product or service that changes lives. Or maybe your product or service doesn’t change lives, but you are doing so by connecting intimately with your colleagues and customers. We’ll never know the kind of joy that we will bring to another person. We just have to trust we do and keep on being joyful in our work.

    Lately I’ve been observing others bringing joy to their work, which elevates my joy. Here is what I’ve noticed. The loving arms of my son’s preschool teachers welcoming him for his first day of school. The passionate woman over the phone raising money for a cause she deeply believes in. The hugs and encouraging words two facilitators share with their participants, those struggling with chronic or life-threatening illnesses. The store clerk patiently waiting to serve her long line of customers with a smile. The employee inspired to start a special interest group at her organization that is changing people’s lives.
    What does joy look like in your work? The latest project that I’ve been working on is bringing me so much joy! The following is the announcement that I sent to my database about it and it brings me joy to share it with you now.

    Project GratOtude Has Arrived

    Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. – William Arthur Ward

    Yesterday I celebrated my birthday and thought about what it might be like to leave the gifts I received unopened. I would miss out on the experience to share pure joy with those whom I receive gifts from and with others who receive mine. According to many different experts, the importance of gratitude is the key to living a fulfilling, joyful life. While this might seem obvious, very few people actually take the time to work on integrating gratitude into their daily lives.

    Recently I received a huge gift of inspiration to start a movement encouraging people to be more grateful, naming it Project GratOtude.
    Today on Sept. 13 I am unwrapping this present and giving it to you on the same day that Oprah is beginning her farewell season.
    Project GratOtude is dedicated to honor Oprah because she is one of my greatest teachers on the subject of how to give big and dream big.

    Come find out about this grass-roots effort to inspire ONE million people to make a difference through the Project GratOtude Challenge at www.projectgratOtude.com. Join our community and we’ll give you all the secrets and tools to be MORE GRATEFUL.

    We’ve gotta GREAT feeling about what’s in store for all of us who are embarking on this Project GratOtude journey together. You will feel joy rising for yourself as you make a difference and others will catch your contagious energy!

    With GratITude,
    Janae Bower

    p.s. I invite you to join this challenge, which will bring YOU joy through practicing gratitude: www.projectgratOtude.com

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    Janae Bower is an inspirational speaker, award-winning author and training consultant. She founded Finding IT, a company that specializes in personal and professional development getting to the heart of what matters most.