4 Best Banks for Businesses in Omaha in 2024

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    For businesses in Omaha, it’s important to choose a bank that offers a range of services to help manage finances effectively. Choosing the right bank might be challenging because there are so many alternatives accessible. 

    Based on their fees, features, and customer service, we’ve ranked Omaha’s finest banks for companies to make your search simpler. Keep reading to know more.

    Best Business Checking Accounts in Omaha

    There are many options available for banking solutions for businesses in Omaha. Our research led us to recommend the following banks:

    First National Bank of Omaha logo

    First National Bank of Omaha – Best for Inexpensive Deposit Products

    First National Bank of Omaha is a great option for those seeking an inexpensive banking service. You can create an account with any amount you choose with a free checking account since there are no monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements. For people with more complex financial requirements, First National Bank of Omaha’s Premier Checking account pays interest on balances over $15,000 and lets you use any of your deposit accounts to get to the maximum limit.

    The bank also provides health savings accounts (HSA) and savings accounts with no minimum deposit requirements or monthly fees. The adaptability of First National Bank of Omaha is great overall, even though their money market account might not be the ideal choice owing to its low APR and hefty minimum deposit.

    Why we chose it: First National Bank of Omaha offers a selection of adaptable deposit options and convenient access to several locations located all around the city.

    • No minimum balance requirements
    • Free checking account with no monthly service fee
    • Several local branches for easy access
    • Low APY on savings account
    • Limited digital banking options
    U.S. Bank logo

    U.S. Bank – Best for Low-Cost Checking Accounts

    U.S. Bank is an excellent option for businesses searching for low-cost checking accounts.  The bank provides many checking accounts designed to satisfy the requirements of various company kinds, from start-ups to established organizations.

    The Silver Business Package, which has 150 free transactions per month and no monthly maintenance cost, is the most reasonable choice. The Gold and Platinum Business Packages are also available at attractive prices for companies with bigger transaction volumes.

    The U.S. Bank also provides savings accounts, merchant services, cash management tools for businesses, and checking accounts. A strong online and mobile banking infrastructure provided by the bank enables companies to manage their accounts and transactions from a distance.

    Why we chose it: U.S. Bank provides a selection of inexpensive checking account choices as well as practical digital banking services.

    • Several low-cost checking account options
    • Convenient digital banking features
    • Large network of ATMs and branches
    • Low APY on some savings accounts
    • High minimum balance requirement on some checking accounts to avoid monthly service fees
    American National Bank logo

    American National Bank – Best in Tech

    American National Bank is a technologically advanced bank committed to providing cutting-edge online services to assist you in managing your money. You may conveniently access and manage your accounts from any location using various online services and tools.

    The bank’s extensive budgeting tools, which may assist you in planning your finances and saving money, are one of its notable features.

    In addition to its digital services, American National Bank also offers strong security measures, such as services to prevent theft, to secure your financial information. With a virtually flawless rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Google Play and a 4.7 rating on the iTunes store, consumers have given the bank’s mobile app great marks.

    Why we chose it: American National Bank is a fantastic choice for consumers who value online banking experiences and technology because of its strong dedication to delivering a digital banking experience and focus on budgeting and debt reduction solutions.

    • A comprehensive suite of tech features to help you manage your finances
    • Offers theft protection services
    • Provides budgeting and debt reduction resources on their website
    • Overall low APYs on savings accounts
    • A Savings account requires a minimum deposit of $50
    Wells Fargo logo

    Wells Fargo – Best for Branch Access

    Wells Fargo is a well-known bank that provides a variety of financial products, including checking accounts. Even though the bank has a variety of options, its checking reserves stand out, especially the $25 minimum deposit Everyday Checking account, which also has several methods to eliminate the monthly service fee.

    Also, Wells Fargo offers a variety of digital and online banking options, such as mobile check deposits and simple fund transfers.

    For people who have a good relationship with the bank, Wells Fargo’s Preferred Checking option gives them the chance to earn money and reduce their monthly service costs by attaching a Wells Fargo home mortgage.

    Why we chose it: We chose Wells Fargo because of its wide network of branches, which makes it a practical option for people who appreciate in-person banking interactions.

    • Extensive branch network
    • Various deposit and investment products
    • Robust online and digital features
    • Some credit cards with high APRs
    • Still recovering from controversy

    Recommended Bank Account For Businesses in Omaha

    Businesses in Omaha have a variety of options to choose from when selecting a bank account. There are several affordable deposit and savings alternatives available from First National Bank of Omaha. A wonderful choice for those looking for inexpensive checking accounts is U.S. Bank.

    Wells Fargo is a good option for anyone who values branch access, and American National Bank stands out for its tech-focused products and tools. The ideal bank account for your Omaha company will ultimately depend on your personal requirements and preferences.