4 Best Banks for Businesses in Kansas City in 2024

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    Owners of businesses in Kansas City are often faced with so many challenges and financial problems in their quest to succeed. For these entrepreneurs, having a dependable Bank can be a huge relief as it will help their business grow. The best Banks will provide Kansas City businesses with many features to help them succeed. For those who wish to know about the top banks for businesses in Kansas City, read on.

    Best Businesses Checking Accounts in Kansas City

    The reliable banks with an excellent checking accounts for businesses in Kansas City include:

    • U. S Bank – Best Bank for Businesses in Kansas City
    • Ally Bank – Best Bank for Online savings account
    • Commerce Bank – Best Bank for easy branch access
    • CIT Bank – Best Bank with excellent interest rates and minimum deposit
    U.S. Bank logo

    U.S Bank – Best Bank for Businesses in Kansas City

    Business owners who desire a bank that can provide easy access throughout Kansas City would enjoy U. S Bank. They have about 60 branches alone in the state and offer easy checking account opening. Asides from their physical branches, they provide simple online and mobile banking functions.

    U. S Bank offers CD account types for business owners and money merchants. Customers aren’t bordered by high maintenance fees or minimum requirements.

    Why we chose it: U. S Bank is a good place where business owners can open interest-yielding checking accounts. They also operate a low APY of 0.01% which makes it one of the top banks in the city. Merchants and entrepreneurs in the city who are seeking for a bank to solve their banking issues should consider this bank.

    • Offers numerous Bank Accounts
    • Many physical locations in Kansas City
    • Low  monthly fees
    • Limited product offerings for businesses 
    • Long wait times for customer service assistance
    Ally bank logo

    Ally Bank – Best Bank for Online Savings Account

    Remote workers or e-commerce entrepreneurs who want a digital bank with good savings accounts should consider Ally.

    They have a premium account offering known as the online savings account. Account holders get a3. 50% APY with no issues on this account. If you need an online savings account that will allow you to enjoy a high-interest rate, open one with Ally Today.

    It’s important to merge your Ally savings account with your interest checking account to make it stronger. If you can keep your accounts with a minimum daily balance of $15,000, you will get a 0.10% APY.

    Why We chose it: Ally Bank makes our list because the bank has a good interest-earning account. Also, asides you avoiding monthly fees, new business account holders pay a minimum deposit fee. While they may be lacking many physical branches in Kansas City, they have a perfect online management system that allows easy transactions.

    • Quick Mobile Check Deposit
    • Peter-to-Peer money transfer
    • 24/7 account statements access
    • Great Customer Care
    • Few Physical presences
    Commerce Bank logo

    Commerce Bank – Best Bank for Easy Branch Access

    Like U. S Bank, Commerce Bank has a very large physical location in Kansas City. This allows business operators in the state to enjoy east banking with a regional feel. Even those who love online banking aren’t left behind.

    Their mobile banking features are available 24/7 to anyone who wants to have transparent transactions. With Commerce Bank, you can open different checking accounts for your business for easy transfers.

    Some accounts you should consider opening include Money market accounts and a health savings account (HSA).

    Why we chose it: This Bank makes it to the list because of its amazing customer care, numerous bank locations, and great mobile app. Also, while it doesn’t offer high-interest rates, savings and checking account holders with a reasonable minimum balance don’t pay maintenance fees.

    • 50 branches in Kansas City
    • Excellent mobile banking features
    • Low or no maintenance fees
    • High minimum deposits
    • Low-interest rates
    Cit Bank logo

    CIT Bank – Best Bank with excellent interest rates and minimum deposit

    Business owners in Kansas City seeking a bank with a strong interest rate and low deposit should open a CIT Bank account. The Savings Building Account is a good option because account holders can earn up to 1.00 % on a single deposit as low as $100.

    To sustain such an account, ensure you make a monthly deposit of at least $100. Some CIT accounts that business owners can consider include a Premium High Yield savings account and a Money Market account. 

    Why we chose it: CIT banks make this list because of their online and offline benefits which are the core of the bank. Its mobile app has a 4.0-star rating out of 5. Account holders can also check their bank statements anytime they want. 

    • No monthly fees 
    • Best  APPs you can find 
    • Smooth mobile app
    • Must deposit $100 monthly or maintain a minimum balance of $25,000 to have a reasonable APY 

    Recommended Bank Account for Businesses in Kansas City 

    Our top picks when it comes to banks for businesses in Kansas City are Ally, U. S Bank, Commerce Bank, and CIT Bank. They are the best choice for business owners in Kansas City who want access to loans, great online banking, excellent customer service, and easy branch access. Opening an account with the bank will allow you to achieve your business goals and aspirations easily.