4 Best Banks for Businesses in Fort Worth in 2024

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    A reliable banking partner is one of the tools needed to run a profitable business in Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth, a flourishing commercial center, provides a wide range of banking services for businesses of all kinds.

    Yet it might be difficult to know where to turn when there are so many options. To assist you in finding the finest banking partner for your business needs, we’ll look at some of the best banks for businesses in Fort Worth in this article, highlighting their unique qualities and benefits.

    Best Business Checking Accounts in Fort Worth

    Business owners in Fort Worth need to choose a good checking account, so we’ve compiled a list of the best banks with the best options. These are:

    PlainsCapital Bank logo

    PlainsCapital Bank – Best for Small Businesses

    For small business owners searching for personalized care and services, PlainsCapital Bank is a great option. With minimal fees and no minimum balance restrictions, the bank provides a variety of checking account alternatives that are specifically designed to satisfy the needs of small businesses.

    The dedication of PlainsCapital Bank to helping small businesses succeed is one of its most remarkable features. The bank has a group of committed business bankers that collaborate closely with customers to comprehend their particular demands and objectives. In addition, PlainsCapital Bank offers helpful tools and resources for small businesses, including merchant services, internet banking, and cash management services.

    Why we chose it: PlainsCapital Bank provides a range of customized checking account options and customized services for small businesses.

    • Low fees, no balance requirements
    • Dedicated business bankers, useful tools
    • Cash and merchant services offered
    • Fewer branches than big banks
    • Limited digital options, lower rates
    BBVA USA logo

    BBVA – Best for Digital Banking

    BBVA offers a comprehensive array of digital banking products for small business owners. Its business checking account has no minimum balance restrictions and no monthly fees, making it a great option for business owners on a tight budget. The bank also provides a selection of business credit cards that let owners accrue points for regular expenditures.

    One of the main benefits of using BBVA for banking is its robust mobile banking app, which enables consumers to handle their accounts at any time and from any location. The app has several features, including mobile check deposits, account alerts, and the capability to swiftly and simply pay bills and transfer money.

    Why we chose it: BBVA offers a seamless digital banking experience for businesses on the go.

    • No checking account fees
    • Advanced mobile banking features
    • Free ATM transactions nationwide
    • Limited branch locations
    • Fewer personalized business services
    • Savings account rates may be lower
    Frost Bank logo

    Frost Bank – Best for Low Transaction Fees

    Frost Bank is a regional bank that offers a business checking account with reduced transaction costs as one of its business banking services. The account has no minimum balance restrictions and no monthly maintenance fees, which makes it a great option for small business owners trying to cut their banking expenses.

    Frost Bank provides a variety of value-added services, such as internet banking, mobile banking, and cash management tools, in addition to its low transaction costs. With features like mobile check deposit, bill payment, and real-time account balance and transaction viewing, the bank’s mobile app is very outstanding.

    Moreover, Frost Bank offers top-notch client service, with a committed group of business bankers on hand to respond to inquiries and offer assistance as required.

    Why we chose it: Frost Bank is the ideal choice for businesses looking for a low-cost checking account with low transaction fees.

    • No monthly maintenance fees on business checking
    • Unlimited check writing and deposits
    • The first 250 transactions are free, then $0.25/transaction
    • Robust online banking platform
    • Limited branches outside Texas
    • High-volume transactions may be costly
    • Some fees may be higher
    Independent Financial logo

    Independent Bank – Best for Customizable Accounts

    Independent Bank is a great choice for businesses in Fort Worth who are seeking customizable checking accounts.  Independent Bank provides three distinct business checking solutions with a variety of features and benefits that may be customized to meet the unique requirements of your business.

    With a certain amount or a particular number of transactions, their entry-level business checking account’s modest monthly cost may be eliminated. Business Interest Checking, their middle-tier account, has the extra advantage of paying interest on the balance of your account and has a greater monthly transaction cap.

    Why we chose it: Independent Bank is an excellent option for businesses that need customizable account options to fit their specific needs.

    • Customizable business checking accounts
    • Tailored to specific needs
    • Free online and mobile banking
    • No or easily waived fees.
    • Independent Bank has a limited branch network, primarily located in Texas and Colorado.
    • Some fees are higher than competitors.
    • Savings rates are not competitive.

    Recommended Bank Account For Businesses in Fort Worth

    The Fort Worth banks, Frost Bank, Independent Bank, and BBVA come highly recommended since they offer affordable fees, adaptable accounts, and digital banking systems. Free ATM use is offered by Frost Bank, Independent Bank offers customized accounts and tools for small enterprises, and BBVA has business bankers on staff.

    Some banks, however, have a small number of branches and offer less appealing interest rates on savings accounts. For all of your Fort Worth business banking requirements, pick them as your financial partners.