3 Best Banks for Businesses in Charlotte in 2024

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    Every business is entitled to greatness, and a major contributor to any achievement an establishment could have is tied to how well their transactions are being managed. Founders of start-up companies that want to thrive must learn how to shake hands with the best business banks in Charlotte.

    Whether small, medium, or large-scale business, proper financial management is key and should not be taken for a joke. Read through this guide to have a look at the best banks that you should be considering if your business is established in Charlotte.

    Best Business Checking Account in Charlotte

    Charlotte State Bank & Trust provides a checking account for businesses, with attractive features and terms that allow them to focus more on their business. Each checking account with Charlotte State Bank & Trust comes with unique privileges.

    Business owners are allowed to enjoy online banking with bill payments. This will require the use of a mobile application, which may incur additional fees from the phone’s service provider. Asides from that, Charlotte State Bank & Trust makes it easy for their clients to have suitable options for managing their finance.

    Charlotte State Bank & Trust provides high-level overdraft coverage for businesses and founders who may need to spend beyond their purses. This privilege attracts an overdraft fee of $33, which handles every overdraft initiated by check, point-of-sale, in-person, or ATM withdrawal.

    In addition to 24-hour banking for automated telephone service, establishments in Charlotte can choose to opt for a digital wallet option if they want to go digital.

    • This bank offers wealth consultation
    • They offer access to over 1,000 ATMs for free
    • They support different withdrawal method
    • Not the best interest rate
    • Overdraft fees may be too high compared to other banks

    Truist bank is an ideal choice for your business checking account if you are looking for a way to waive overdraft fees. Recently, the bank has launched “Truist One Banking” which comprises two checking accounts without overdraft fees. However, if you are looking for high interest, you may have to put your hopes somewhere else.

    For better control of the finance of your business, Truist’s “Confidence Account” is a checking account that excludes paper checks. However, you have to bear in mind that maintaining this account will incur a service fee of $5 every month.

    Founders in Charlotte can build a strong financial foundation for their businesses without overspending. This helps you to spend the money that you have.

    Setting up your Truist checking account for business use is easy. Firstly you’ll need to share your information to get your account prepared. Truist minimum deposit is $25, so you should have no worries entrusting your business’ finance to safe hands.

    • Affordable minimum deposit of $25
    • Businesses can decide to waive monthly service fees
    • Checking account with no overdraft fee
    • Offers low-interest rate
    • Most accounts attract a monthly service fee

    Finding a business checking account that earns your business some dividend is quite a daunting task. Sharonview FCU is a checking account that affords their client numerous benefits such as the “no minimum balance” for opening. Also, the monthly service fee is waived which makes it easy to share a long-term partnership.

    You can get all easy account access via their online banking system which is available on the mobile application. This service is accessible nationwide and across more than 30,000 ATMs. Sharonview showcases a special checking account by offering a high-class 4% APY on the monthly balance of your business up to $10,000.

    This interest rate is applied each month when your business checking account meets specific requirements where you make a direct deposit of at least $1,000 into your checking account monthly; a minimum of $500 goes into debit card purchase from your checking account monthly; when you log into your online banking or the Sharonview mobile application at least once a month.

    For months when your business cannot meet up with the requirements, you can still retain eligibility to the 0.05% interest APY with an average daily checking account. You can always set up a direct find deposit for your pension checks, social security, or paychecks.

    • Free access to more than 30,000 ATMs across the country
    • Easily back up your checking account with an affordable overdraft.
    • Your funds are insured for up to $250,000
    • You have access to your checking account with a free online service
    • Checking account is susceptible to variable rate

    Recommended Bank Account for Businesses in Charlotte

    Having examined the best banks for business in Charlotte, it is time to recommend one with the ideal checking account. Based on your business model, you will find any of these banks to be the best fit. If you are a startup business owner trying to gain stamina in the industry, then Truist bank is an ideal destination for your finances.

    If your business project is on large-scale production and reach, Sharonview and Charlotte State Bank & Trust is the go-to bank for your present and future transactions.