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    Lisa Chapman - Business, Marketing and Social Media ConsultantCan You Actually Save Money and Get What You Want, Too?

    Recently, my good friend and Public Relations pro Aileen Katcher posted a blog item on her website “Katcher In Their Eye” (get it?!) about a friend who had a bad experience with a Seller on Aileen’s conclusion was, essentially, “you get what you pay for”.

    I certainly understand her point of view – regarding the gentleman who spent $5 for his logo on and then wasn’t satisfied. He had a bad experience. In her PR business and throughout her distinguished PR career, Aileen Katcher has known an army of qualified designers who charge hundreds, even thousands of dollars for their time and considerable expertise. So, in her mind, how could anyone possibly deliver anything even near acceptable – for $5?

    I’d love to share my excellent results with designers and show how our readers can have good Fiverr experiences, too!

    My Experiences

    I’ve saved at least $1,500 in the last year by using Fiverr Sellers for a number of marketing and graphic design services. The logo on my Business and Social Media Consulting website (and pictured above) was a Fiverr design. It’s exactly what I wanted. And the banners on my social media profiles were also Fiverr products – reconfigured from my logo. I got FOUR banners for $5!

    Take a peak at my Fiverr custom social media banners:





    This look may not be what YOU want, but for me, I think they did a great job of delivering consistent branding, formatted for all my online platforms.

    How to Screen Sellers on

    Here is the secret to getting what you want for $5. offers a number of ways for the “Buyer” to screen “Sellers” and have a high degree of confidence that their experience and outcome will be great. That’s their business mission – great experiences! Tip #1: It appears that the man in Aileen’s blog post example did not choose a Fiverr Seller who offered unlimited revisions until the Buyer was satisfied. Don’t repeat this mistake, no matter how good they look. You might as well burn your $5 bill. Continue on … Tip #2: Each Fiverr Seller has a section at the bottom of their page where you can read customer reviews. Read ALL of them. How were they rated? Any problems and how were they resolved? Tip #3: How many customers has this Fiverr Seller serviced? Their page also shows the total # of customers. Choose a seller with a LOT of satisfied customers. Tip #4: Each Seller’s page offers actual examples of the Seller’s work. Don’t expect a logo designer who shows samples of cartoonish, caricature-ish logos to produce something sleek and minimalistic. Not in their DNA. Tip #5: Does the Seller speak and understand English well? You may laugh, but I have had this experience. The Seller may be talented, but if he/she doesn’t understand nuances enough to satisfy your needs, you may not be satisfied. Read what they’ve written on their page with this in mind. Send them a message before you engage them and test their communication skills. Tip #6: YOU need to send the Seller as much detailed info as possible in order to get as close to your desired outcome as possible. Just like any OFFLINE seller.

    How Can Fiverr Sellers Charge So Little?

    The Sellers on Fiverr can charge this little primarily for two reasons: 1.) Many work in countries where $5 goes a lot farther than in the U.S. and 2.) the Sellers are very specific about what you get for $5, with more extensive add-ons costing “extra gigs”. Example: Many logo designers will deliver jpg and png files for $5, but if you want a full suite of editable file formats, they cost additional gigs – anywhere from $5 – $40. Just read their gig description carefully.

    As you can tell, I’m a large fan of and with savings of $1500 (or more), it’s worth it to me to spend a little extra time to screen the Sellers as I’ve described above. I hope this helps other entrepreneurs to save their precious money!

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