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    Google Search for Anchor LogoOne of my favorite clients recently approached me with the need to have a logo created. He has a professional consulting practice, a website, and a blog. The Problem: his brand hasn’t been developed and he wants a new logo to give it punch and memorability.

    I’m going to show you exactly how to get your quality custom logo designed for $5!

    Tips and tools to create a logo Logo Ideas

    My client wants to use the image of an anchor. So I jumped online and performed a quick search on Google Images for the keyword term ‘anchor logo’. See what it returned for the anchor logo. While that search didn’t produce the perfect logo answer, it did give us a lot of variations for brainstorming ideas.

    When you do this, be careful not to use any of these images exactly, as they are likely copyrighted, thus protecting their use. Copyright violation is a serious offense.

    To get a great logo on a shoestring budget, there is a company that offers creative services – including logo design – for $5. Amazing!! A lot of professional logo designers live around the globe, where $5 means a whole lot more than it does here.

    Logo Design Services

    Fiverr offers these logo design services – with the capability to search vendors by the type of logo you want.

    I often recommend a simple black & white or two-color logo, which is easiest to reproduce and clearest when photocopying, faxing, etc. Not to mention that they are less expensive to print, versus four-color.

    To find these vendors, specify (near the top of the screen – drop-down choices) and search by:

    • Type: Text & Symbol
    • Style: Simple/Minimal
    • File Format: JPG
    • Also Offers: Multiple Versions

    Of course, you can search for any type of logo (vintage, dimensional, four-color, etc.) by specifying other choices. Look for vendors whose base service includes: 1.) quick turnaround, 2.) custom design – no templates, 3.) willingness to do revisions, and 4.) a guarantee.

    Look through the samples of their logo work by scrolling through the images on their showcase screen. Important Note: small text in a logo will generally not be visible on a mobile device – phone or tablet, which comprise over 60% of all Internet views now. If your logo is going on your website, readability is critical.

    Take a look at the reviews by their previous customers – located at the bottom of the screen. This will tell you a lot.

    Consider a Few Different Logo Vendors

    For a simple 1-2 color logo, here are a few vendors that look like they may be worth a try. At $5 a pop, it’s worth it to me to try several. Caveat: I have not used these specific vendors, and do not vouch for the results. :

    Before buying, I recommend contacting them, which is private and secure on Fiverr. Find the ‘contact me’ button. Ask any questions you have. Their response will give you an idea of their command of the English language (really!) and response time. Customer communication and responsiveness are keys to getting good service and a great outcome.

    Order Your Logo Design

    You just set up an account, and for $5 they deliver the logo in the files they promise in their ‘gig’ description. For the base $5 gig, you want at least a JPG or PNG file – print-ready for business cards and such. Editable files are usually extra. Read the description and “Extra gigs” carefully to know what you’re buying. Each vendor is different.

    Be sure to give them enough information to get as close to your desires as possible. Try to sketch something to give them an idea. If you’re working with a color scheme, for your website or social media platform, give them a link. Do you want a tagline? You can attach documents when you give them the details. Give them as much instruction as makes sense.

    What to Expect

    After you buy, you will receive a prompt and an email asking for more info so they can execute to your specifications. They will deliver your first draft and you will be notified by email.

    Once you have the final logo, other vendors on can make “banners” for your website and/or social media profiles, so that your branding is consistent among all your web properties.

    They also offer much, much more – take a look at!

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