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    Connect with Customers

    Guest Author: Joe Cecere

    Joe Cecere, President, LITTLE & Co

    Using the Microsoft Store experience to connect with customers

    For many shoppers, sterile stores and flat websites don’t do today’s technology justice, they need a hands-on environment. The Microsoft Store invites shoppers to experience technology at their own pace, letting them touch, play, experiment and learn. These real-life experiences help mitigate the risks associated with big purchases. The comfort of trying something in-store and learning about the product from the experts instills confidence in purchase decisions and the brand itself.

    Leveraging an engaging environment

    One of the more distinctive things about the store is how alive it feels. It’s a vibrant, stimulating environment that entices the explorer in all of us. Shoppers don’t just browse, they engage—playing games in the “living room” setting, interacting with the large video walls and participating in various in-store promotions and contests.

    Empowering employees to complete the experience

    With all the options available to us, choosing the right products and services can be an overwhelming and unpleasant task. Once you talk to one of the experts at the Microsoft Store, you understand why they don’t sell everything. They handpick the best-of-the-best technology to offer shoppers solutions that will enhance their overall experience as Microsoft users.

    Utilizing in-store exclusives to maintain relevance with brick-and-mortar

    One of the benefits of going into the Microsoft Store is experiencing the full Microsoft ecosystem and how the various sub-brands work together to help people make the most of technology. The Surface launch adds to that ecosystem, giving shoppers another way to harness the power of everything Microsoft offers.


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