10 Best Resume Writing Services in 2024

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    If you’ve been working the same job for some time, it might be the right moment to find a new position that makes better use of your skills. You may have also been searching for a new job for months, only to receive rejection letters and utter silence in response.

    Finding the best role for your career development demands high caliber materials that will get you noticed – you need to be willing to go the extra mile in order to get things done.

    The effort required is certainly high. Yet the rewards can be worth every moment you spend pushing yourself to greater heights.

    Are you looking to land a new position? Perhaps you’re ready to take on a management role, or even an executive role. If you’re hunting for an executive-level job, you’ll definitely need an executive-level resume. No matter what kind of job you’re searching for, you likely need to overhaul your entire portfolio of job-related material, such as your resume, professional bio, LinkedIn profile, and more.

    Resume writing can be a laborious process if you do it yourself. Before applying for any job, your resume needs to be on point. Most job markets are competitive places – therefore, strategic planning is required to do well in them. That is why your resume should accurately reflect your experience, skills, accomplishments, and qualifications in the best possible light.

    The good news is that resume writing services and businesses can optimize your resume, tailor it for a specific position, and market you and your skills in a way that will increase your chances of landing a first interview. You’ll be on your way to higher pay and greater responsibilities in no time.

    Resume writing is one of the most crucial steps in the process too. If your resume doesn’t sell you, you’ll likely receive fewer calls from hiring managers.

    Read through to find out more about resume writing services, what they entail, and why they’re essential to landing your dream job.

    Our Top 10 Resume Writing Services

    Now that we’ve discussed a few essential details surrounding resume writing services, what they are, and what the benefits can be, we’ll get into our top picks. We had a general methodology we followed when selecting these front-runners, which we’ll explain below.

    The following resume writing services have been chosen with good reason. There are clear advantages to each selection, which we’ll go over.

    Read through to see our top 10 resume writing companies, why we chose them, and how they can help you land an exciting new role. Look to these services to greatly increase your salary and improve your professional skills.

    Super Star Resume logo

    Our Best Overall: Superstar Resume

    One of the reasons we gave this service the top spot is because Steven Mostyn, the founder of Superstar Resume, has over 20 years of experience writing executive resumes, optimizing LinkedIn profiles, crafting cover letters, and creating executive bios.

    Steven and his professional writing team have assisted clients in obtaining positions with some of the world’s most well-known corporations. Amazon, Bank of America, Oracle, Disney, and others are among them. If you’re looking for a company that has the prestige and years of experience to back up their claims, this is the company for you.

    Steven ensures that his writing team receives the best training possible for Superstar Resume to maintain its outstanding reputation as one of the best resume writing services in its industry. You’ll be paired with one (or two) of his professional writers to ensure that your goals and needs are being met.

    We also think Superstar Resume has a great commitment to customer service. Their writers offer unlimited rewrites – which is a great value for any resume writing service. This is included in the executive, all-inclusive package, as well as all of their other packages.

    They have served over 1,000 happy clients, and there are reviews and testimonials easily accessible on their website. We love that they also provide tips and information on their website for free. This is a service that will give you some of the best value and expertise available! 

    Zipjob logo

    Our Second-Best Overall: ZipJob

    This was a tough spot to fill, but we decided to go with ZipJob for naming the second best resume writing service overall. ZipJob has a very easily navigable website, which explains that they have a team of senior and professional writers whose job it is to write the best materials for you.

    Whether that’s a keyword optimized resume, a cover letter, or a LinkedIn bio, ZipJob’s writers have backgrounds in Human Resources, Marketing, and a host of other industries.

    Their website guarantees that you’re 200% more likely to get hired for a job when you’ve had your professional materials written by a certified and senior resume writer. They also guarantee more interviews within 60 days of utilizing their services.

    ZipJob has a host of materials, resources, and packages, but they also have a page that details their services and pricing. Their Launch service, which gets you started on the way to a new job, starts at $139. They also have a page reserved for executives. Their executive package costs $899 and includes an executive-level resume, a cover letter, a LinkedIn bio optimization, a thank you letter, a 1-hour phone consultation with your writer, multiple revisions, a turnaround time of a week, and a 60 day guarantee. That’s a lot of value for one of these services.

    Job seekers who work with ZipJob will see that they have dedicated writers for different industries and C-suite executives. Not only that, but they have testimonials accessible on their website. They also have hundreds of great reviews on TrustPilot.

    Resume Writers logo

    The Best for Industry Switching: Resume Writers

    Sometimes, we all need a change. Maybe your first job wasn’t the right fit, or you’re itching to switch up your skills and learn new ones. If you’ve decided to switch industries, consider Resume Writers as your top choice. When you’re looking to gain experience in a completely different field, the prospect can be intimidating or daunting. You’ll want a professional writing service that can give you individual attention and describe the process to you in detail.

    Marketing yourself and creating a personal brand around your experience is essential. That’s where the Resume Writers comes in. They take a holistic approach to job searching and will craft a resume that puts your experience in the best light.

    They’ve been around since 1999, and they independently contract writers from a host of industries. When your resume is assigned to a particular writer, you’ll be able to work with them exclusively and individually. That makes the Resume Writers a great option.

    As for their customer service, their pricing is easily accessible and viewable on their website. They have a 72-hour standard turnaround time, making this a resume writing service that stands out. They also offer a 24-hour rush service, which is a great add-on to make available. Consider the Resume Writers when you’re looking to make a major career change.

    Resume Writing Services logo

    The Best for Students: Resume Writing Services

    Students and recent graduates need specialized help when searching for their first job. The search can be complicated, and sometimes daunting. You may have had volunteer experience or part-time jobs while you got your degree, but will this matter to hiring managers? Of course it will!

    You simply need to find the right way to express and market your experience. The best way to do that is with an experienced, professional resume writing service. For students, we chose Resume Writing Services as the best company. Their clients have landed jobs at Google, Amazon, Deloitte, Samsung, and CVS.

    They employ executive resume writers who have 20 years of experience in Human Resources and corporate recruiting. Their writers cover over 30 industries, and they have written over 5,000 resumes.

    Students who are nervous about finding the right job will find Resume Writing Services a great option. Their writers will work with you to find out how to best list and present your club membership, volunteering, and education. Don’t be afraid to list everything you’ve done in university and college!

    Career Steering logo

    The Best Value: Career Steering

    For the best value, we chose Career Steering. Career Steering employs writers who are certified and have won awards, which will make your resume look that much more professional. They’ve been helping job seekers find top positions for over 20 years, so they’re considered a top resume writing service with longevity.

    They have some expertise in executive positions, as they’ve helped their clients find jobs and secure interviews with firms such as: Spencer Stuart, Heidrick & Struggles, Russel Reynolds, and more.

    They’re still a good option for anyone who wants to derive the most value from the resume writing service they choose. Career Steering promises superior design, strategy, and persuasive writing with their packages and resumes.

    They offer quotes for their resume update services, which are easily accessible on their website. If you simply want to update your resume so that you have an edge when searching for your next job, Career Steering is a great option.

    We like that Career Steering has testimonials and reviews on their website. These are plentiful and easy to see on each page. Their pricing is transparent, and you receive great value when compared with other services. There are a couple of cons, however – they don’t offer unlimited revisions, which can be important for some people.

    They offer two rounds of editing. Plus, this service is quite popular. Therefore, they may not be able to accommodate rush orders if you’re in a hurry.

    Regardless, we think Career Steering is a great option for anyone looking for superior value and a professional resume writing service.

    Resume Pilots logo

    The Quickest Turnaround: Resume Pilots

    Sometimes, we need results fast. We might want a job as quickly as possible, or be itching to get our resumes into hiring managers’ hands as soon as we can. When you want fast service, we think Resume Pilots is a great option. This resume writing service describes itself as a company that specializes in all writing services and great customer service.

    This means that they can write professional resumes, but they can also help you with LinkedIn bios and cover letters, among other materials. Their writers have global experience, so no matter where you’re coming from and no matter where you want to find a job, this company will be able to speak to the nuances of the job search.

    Their founder also has an Ivy League education, which means you’re in good hands. They help everyone from executives looking to level up their professional roles, to students who want to find a leg up in the job hunt. The best part about this writing service is that they easily and clearly make rush services available.

    They even have Next Day services as an option on their website. While you might need to double-check to ensure that these services are available, their Next Day rush service is $250, while their two-day service is $150.

    This is not something that’s readily and commonly available for all resume writing services. If you’re in need of a quick turnaround, Resume Pilots should work for you.

    Lastly, this company has a detailed roster of industries they’ve worked with, which you can find on their homepage. Be sure to peruse their samples, to make sure you like their style and writing!

    Capstone Resume Services logo

    The Best to Bypass ATS: Capstone Resume Services

    Bypassing ATS (applicant tracking systems) software is your best shot at getting your foot in the door. Hiring managers use this software to screen candidates before they even take a look at their resumes.

    That’s one reason why resume writing services will give you a steep advantage when searching for a job. The resume writing company that we think will really concentrate on getting you past the ATS stage is Capstone Resume Services.

    Capstone Resume Services emphasizes a preliminary one-on-one consultation with one of their professional resume writers. This way, your assigned writer will understand your career trajectory and the best way to represent your job experience. When they begin work on your resume, they’ll have all the information they need to optimize your professional portfolio of written materials with keywords designed to bypass ATS software. 

    Capstone Resume Services is also a great choice because they have simple pricing options that vary from entry-level positions to executive-level job experience. Their testimonials appear on their website and they have tons of services to choose from.

    TopResume logo

    The Best Customer Service: TopResume

    Many resume writing services boast great customer service, especially the ones that prioritize individual consultations and working with the resume writer you’re assigned to. We chose TopResume as the resume writing service with the best customer service for a few reasons.

    On their website, this service displays their TrustPilot reviews very prominently, which shows that they have an excellent rating from over 8,000 reviewers. That’s a great rating, and many happy customers!

    TopResume writes that a professional resume will mean that you’re 40% more likely to land a job. Their focus is on shortening the average length of a job search for you, which can commonly take 20 weeks! With their expertise centering around Human Resources, recruiting, and job search strategy, you’ll be able to find the best opportunity for yourself in no time.

    The Writing Guru logo

    The Best for CEOs: The Writing Guru

    Looking for an executive position can be very different from searching as a mid-career professional. That’s why you’ll want executive-level help with writing your resume. For the best resume writing service for CEOs, we chose The Writing Guru

    The Writing Guru is a great option for anyone looking to join the C-suite because they’re headed by Wendi Weiner, who is an attorney and a former college writing professor. Their website assures potential clients that their professional writers speak the language of executives and their founder has over 7 years of experience teaching college-level writing.

    People who are looking for CEO and COO positions need to brand themselves effectively to land the positions they want, and the Writing Guru is skilled at cultivating and representing that personal brand.

    Their prices for executive packages start at $3,000, which includes rewrites and industry research. If you’re looking to gain top experience in an executive position, consider the Writing Guru as the best resume writing service for you.

    Career Thinker logo

    The Best for Varied Resumes: Career Thinker

    Some of us have less than traditional work experience. Maybe you took a gap year, took time off to raise your family, or helped a family member with a prolonged illness. All these things won’t keep you from finding the best opportunity for you, especially if you have a resume writing service that can translate your varied experience well onto paper.

    For a more varied or non-traditional resume, we chose Career Thinker as the best option. Their writers have tons of experience with hiring in corporate America, so they’ll be able to speak with you about how to make sure your resume is as great as it can be. Their certified professional resume writers use specific methodologies and take your skills into consideration when crafting the best professional resume you can have.

    Career Thinkers is also great because they have resources on their website. They have webinars and workshops for people who want to keep their job hunting skills sharp. Resume writing services are often more than just writing companies – they want to see you succeed and get hired, too. So, take a look at their resources and feel confident in communicating with hiring managers about how much of an asset you’d be to their organization.

    What is a Resume Writing Service and How can it Help You?

    Resume writing services help create clients’ resumes and personal or business LinkedIn profiles. They also produce targeted cover letters for specific roles or write a professional bio. The best resume-writing companies ensure resumes are applicant-tracking systems (ATS) optimized.

    ATS technologies sift through resumes based on the match between keywords on the document and job descriptions. If an ATS bot can’t read your resume because there are no keywords or not enough of those all-important keywords, you won’t make it to the next hiring stage. Things will be over before they’ve begun. Here’s more on how ATS work.

    Ideally, resume writing services should have specialists who know what employers are looking for in certain industries. This expertise helps job seekers to fine tune their resumes to particular positions. That’s why you’ll need to do a bit of research before you find the resume writing service that’s the best fit for you and your ideal job.

    Resume writing services can also help you tailor your professional website and ensure it’s in tip-top shape for the discerning eyes of hiring managers and recruiters. This is something that could make or break your advancement to the next stage of the hiring process.

    No matter what material you have that showcases your skills and talents, a professional writer will improve upon what you have and make it easy to see how you’d be the best professional in any industry.

    You might be perfectly willing to write your own resumes, cover letters, and the like. Yet professional writers are often certified, have years of experience, and know what hiring managers want. They follow the latest trends in the job-hunting sphere and they have direct experience with human resources professionals.

    Additionally, you’re a busy person. There are only advantages to outsourcing the work of putting together your professional materials – you’ll simply be able to sit back and benefit from these writers’ areas of expertise.

    What Makes a Professional Writing Service Different from Other Writing Services?

    All resume writing services exist with the main goal of making you more marketable and appealing to hiring managers. Writers who work for these services have the skills to imbue your resume, cover letters, and professional bios with the appropriate keywords. They also help you condense your years of experience into easy-to-digest paragraphs that recruiters will be drawn to.

    You also want to consider what type of job you’re looking for. For example, looking for an executive position is much different than searching for a management-level job. Writers who are specialists in executive writing services have more experience, certifications, and knowledge about top-level positions.

    These professional writers have helped other job seekers land roles at the world’s most powerful firms and companies. Some writing services specialize in mid-career positions, and some professional writers can help you land the perfect entry level job. You simply need to do as much research as possible and find the right resume writing service for you and your situation. Luckily, we’ve done a lot of the work for you.

    Many of these writers will coach you on how to curate a personal brand. They’ll be able to give you the tools that are needed when you’re actively searching for these jobs. They’ll take a look at the materials you already have and be able to edit and rewrite your resumes and cover letters so that they perfectly fit the role you’re aiming for.

    Many of these writing services are also full-service. This means that, once you’ve purchased a package, you’ll have access to the company’s top resume writer. You’ll also be able to have one-on-one meetings with the professional writers and the ability to ask for re-writes.

    This is all but guaranteed if you purchase their executive packages. Executive writing services are great value for what you receive – which is the full knowledge and expertise of writers that specialize in many different industries.

    With the benefit of the best that resume writing services can offer, you’ll be able to find the best role for you in no time.

    How is Today’s Job Market Different & Why Might Resume Writing Services Be Essential?

    Job hunting for any role has its challenges. Regardless of if you’re looking for an entry, mid-level, or senior executive role, you’ll need to put your best foot forward. There are also a few key differences between how people found jobs 10 years ago versus how they land their dream job today. Additionally, the mid-level career search and the search for an executive role is fundamentally different.

    Nowadays, companies use software to search for keywords on resumes and conduct most of the hiring process online. There’s all sorts of etiquette that comes with virtual interviews via Zoom, plus some hiring managers also send skills tests to their potential candidates. Professional resume writers will be able to talk with you about the trends in your industry, how to prepare, and how to make your resume stand out.

    Obviously, the stakes will appear higher when you’re looking for an executive-level job. You’ll be tasked with providing more information about your experiences, knowledge, and professional history. The process of landing a job like this is daunting, but the benefits outweigh the stress of securing a role like this.

    This is why utilizing a resume writing service is essential. Some jobs – especially those in the C-suite –  are typically not posted online. These roles are shared internally, or recruiters scour the internet for the right fit. That’s why you’ll need a resume that’s pristine and ready to be shared with anyone curious to speak with you about a specific job opportunity.

    Some resume writing services can also distribute your resume around to their contacts. If they have writers who have specialty in your industry – you’ll be in luck. This can be a networking moment as well as a job hunting opportunity.

    Is a Resume Writing Service Worth it?

    Although some companies don’t advertise open positions or hire from within, a professionally crafted resume can give job seekers a competitive advantage over other candidates. A keyword optimized resume or LinkedIn helps executives get noticed, especially if it’s easily accessible and available to view upon request.

    An optimized portfolio of professional materials also helps you move past the first ATS screening stage. This can be tricky – in recent years, more and more hiring processes have relied on ATS software to screen their candidates. If you can’t move past this first step, you won’t be able to interview or have your resume viewed by a human.

    A professional writer who has specialized knowledge about roles in your industry will know exactly which keywords to use to get you noticed. This will be essential to getting your foot in the door and past that first step.

    Having an optimized and professionally written resume could also land you a job you never even applied to. It’s always prudent to have these materials perfect, pristine, and ready for viewing from interested parties.

    How Much Will I Pay for Resume Writing Services?

    Resume writing services can vary widely in cost. This is due to certain variables, such as the expertise that you will be paying for, how involved the package is, and what type of role you want. But we can assure you that the payoff will be worth it. 

    Entry level jobs will be on the lower end of the price range. Students who need to stay on a budget will have no problems finding reasonably-priced resume writing services, such as a resume for under $200.

    That being said, the customer service and attention may increase with the more services you buy and the higher-level roles you seek out.

    If you’re someone who’s purchased an executive package, you’re entitled to great customer service and more perks than those who purchase individual resumes and cover letters. That being said, executive writing services can vary between $1,350 and $11,997. This is a huge discrepancy, and will depend on the service you decide on.

    Usually, resume writing packages include a one-on-one interview with an experienced resume writer, a cover letter, and email support for a limited period. However, some firms offer unlimited revisions and email support during the entirety of your job search. 

    Higher cost packages offer a LinkedIn profile rewrite, a professional bio, and some will even distribute your resume to a network of hiring managers in your area. This is why you pay higher prices – hiring professional resume writing experts will open doors to places you might not have thought about prior to this experience.

    This is the chance to not only have a tailored and optimized resume, but to make connections, network, and gain insight into the hiring process for your field.

    How Long Will the Process Take?

    Much like the different prices for resume writing services, the timeline for their services varies on a wide scale. Some companies will be able to re-write, optimize, and finish your resume within two business days. Others will need 72 hours and up to five days.

    For a full resume writing package – which includes an optimized resume, a LinkedIn profile rewrite, a professional bio, a cover letter, and interview coaching, you might be looking at a turnaround time of week or more.

    The key is to get the first interview or phone call done quickly. Once the writers know more about you and your employment goals, they can begin the work of sketching a great professional portfolio of materials for you.

    If you’re in a hurry, different resume writing services offer rush or priority service. This will cost an extra fee, but you can discuss with the company’s owner and learn how fast they can have a new resume or cover letter for you.

    One advantage to this process is that, as a job hunter looking for a new position, you can tailor these services to suit your needs. If you’d like to have your LinkedIn optimized first, that is something you can easily ask for when you arrange a preliminary meeting with the writing services company.

    How Do You Select a Resume Writing Business?

    There are numerous resume writing services out there. We compiled a list of the top ten to make your decision easier. Our top ten are slightly different from the rest. We decided to pick the strongest in each category. At the top of the pile, we decided to pick the ones with the most experience and the longest, most consistent successful track record.

    We also considered one-on-one services, which emphasize developing a personalized relationship with each client. Some businesses provided LinkedIn optimization, cover letters, executive bios, and career counseling. There are even services that distribute resumes to large networks of hiring managers.

    Students who are looking for their first “real” job will really benefit from a professional writing service. You’ll learn a lot about the hiring process, what gets you noticed, and what experience stands out the most. Look for a resume writing service that explains the process to you, where you’ll be assigned to an individual writer who can give you individual time and attention.

    For mid-level job searchers, you’ll refresh your memory about job hunting and how to showcase your experience and skills.

    You might be paired with a professional writer who can help you refine your job search and specify your materials for the industry you belong to. A great writing service can bump your salary by $5,000 or more!

    Finally, the success of a C-suite executive often depends on the quality of their resume and LinkedIn profile. Taking on a new executive role can result in a salary increase of $5,000 to $100,000. Considering this, hiring a professional resume writer with deep knowledge of executive hiring is a sound investment.

    The Bottom Line: Why Super Star Resume is the Best Service & Why You Should Enlist Resume Writing Services

    There are many resume writing services out there, but we chose Super Star Resume for a reason. While some resume writing companies might specialize in executive roles, certain industries, or a specific turnaround time, Super Star Resume has expertise in many different fields and industries, and has demonstrated great care for their customers.

    Super Star Resume’s reach is also global, with their writers coming from a host of different cities and countries. Wherever you’re completing your job search, Super Star Resume can offer their knowledge of different job search environments and areas.

    What we like best of all is the free resources that Super Star Resume offers on their website. These resources are infinitely valuable for anyone who wants to spruce up their resume, professional bio, or LinkedIn profile. Making sure that your written job materials are up to snuff is no easy task, and Super Star Resume’s founder and writers have generously provided samples and examples for your perusal.

    No matter how much job experience you have, you’ll benefit from a professional resume writing service. Try one out today and see how streamlined the job hunting process can be!