5 Best Bio Writing Services for 2024

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    There’s a lot that goes into job hunting these days. It can often feel overwhelming – among other things, you’ll need a pristine resume that showcases your skills and accomplishments, a cover letter that describes your interest in a specific position, and an updated LinkedIn profile. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll need to think about the best way to quickly present yourself with an engaging professional bio.

    A professional bio is typically a quick summary about you: your professional accomplishments, education, and business achievements. It might seem simple, but writing a professional bio for yourself is deceptively difficult. You want to accomplish a few things, and you want to strike a good balance between appearing confident but still humble, which can be tricky to do well. That’s why many people consider hiring a professional bio writing service to help them market themselves to potential employers.

    Read through to learn more about professional bio writing companies, what they can do for you, and which services are ranked the best among consumers.

    Our Top 5 Bio Writing Services

    Researching the bio writing company that’s right for you can take time. When you’re hunting for a job and need to see results quickly, that’s time that shouldn’t be wasted. Luckily, we’ve compiled 5 different bio writing services that shine in specific areas.

    Here, you’ll find the best executive bio writing service, the writing service with the best price, the service with the quickest turnaround time, the bio writing service that’s best for people looking to switch careers, and the best writing service overall. We’ll provide our reasoning for giving the distinction, and walk you through some of the pros and cons for each.

    Here are a few popular bio writing services to get you started in your search:

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    Super Star Resume logo

    The Best Overall: Super Star Resume

    While it’s difficult to select the best overall bio writing service, we decided to select Super Star Resume as the bio writing company that stands apart from the rest. This company has over 20 years of experience working with job seekers who have been hired by Amazon, Disney, Microsoft, and more. They provide a customized approach for each client they work with, and they use keyword optimization to help you get noticed by hiring managers.

    What distinguishes Super Star Resume is their commitment to customer service. Their bio writers offer unlimited rewrites, which is included in any package you purchase from them. There are reviews and testimonials easily accessible and ready to view on their website, and they also offer a free consultation before you purchase with them. We also like that Super Star Resume offers resources on their site, including writing guides, resume tips, and more. They promise a 72-hour turnaround time, which is fast when compared to most other resume and bio services.

    You can additionally request up to 20 resume samples via email. Their prices are reasonable, with an all-inclusive resume and cover letter package totaling $199. For these reasons, Super Star Resume gets our top spot for bio writing services.

    Career Steering logo

    The Best for Executives: Career Steering

    Career Steering specializes in executive bio writing services, resume writing, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and more. They focus on global members of the C-suite and have helped CEOs, CFOs, and COOs achieve their employment and job search goals. Their resume writers are certified and have won awards. This is a bio writing company that will deliver results for executives that want a new leadership position. The most popular package for their bio writing starts at $695.

    The pros for this bio writing service are that they have testimonials and reviews on their website. Their writers are also certified and they provide transparent pricing. The cons are that they do not offer unlimited revisions – they offer two rounds of editing included in the service’s fee. This is also a popular company, and they likely do not have wide availability without paying extra for rush orders.

    We Write Bios logo

    The Best Price: We Write Bios

    There are tons of different pricing options available when it comes to bio writing, and most must be included in a larger resume writing package. We chose We Write Bios for the low price they offer from their bio writers, and the fact that you can purchase bios separately. We Write Bios is a full service bio writing company, so you are able to order a company profile, a LinkedIn profile, a social media blurb, an executive bio, and more from this company.

    We Write Bios boasts of engaging and compelling content that will make you stand out from the pack in your job search. They write that they have bio writers for real estate agents, CEOs, IT specialists, actors, and more. They consult with clients individually as a way to write unique content for each person who seeks out their services.

    The pros of We Write Bios include their reasonable pricing. For a short form bio (150-200 words), they charge $99. This number will go up depending on how many bios and which specific services you need, but this is a very reasonable price for a bio writing service. They also provide testimonials and write that revisions are included in the original price.

    Resume Pilots logo

    The Quickest Turnaround Time: Resume Pilots

    If you’re in need of a quick turnaround time, Resume Pilots should do the trick. On their website, Resume Pilots describes themselves as a resume writing company that specializes in executive writing services and superior customer service. Their Founder has an Ivy League education and global experience in resume package writing, so you’re in good hands with this bio writing company.

    Their website states that they have rush services available, with the next day as an option. Their next day rush service is $250, while their two-day service is $150. This is a major “pro” for this company.

    While you may need to contact them to confirm their availability, this is a great option for anyone in need of an executive bio on short notice. While they do not list testimonials or reviews directly on their website, there are customer reviews available on TrustPilot, which is linked on Resume Pilot’s page.

    Career Thinker logo

    The Best for People Seeking a Career Change: Career Thinker

    For those who are looking to switch careers or gain experience in a different field, the job market can be daunting. A bio writing service can help you gain more confidence, and a one-on-one conversation with professional bio writers can help you learn how to better market yourself for a career change. For this category, we chose Career Thinker. We chose this company because they take a holistic approach to job searching and help you craft a brand around yourself that will be appealing to hiring managers.

    We didn’t see any mention of multiple revisions on Career Thinker’s website. It appears that they provide a draft to their customers, which you can send back for revisions. Their turnaround time is between 5 and 7 business days, so plan ahead before you decide to contact this service. We didn’t see samples or testimonials available on their site, but there are Google and Facebook reviews you can read before you contact them.

    What Purpose Does a Bio Serve?

    First and foremost, a bio should quickly paint a picture of you to potential employers and business partners. This picture needs to be flattering but still accurately reflect who you are and what you can accomplish. It can be tempting to include tons of details in your professional bio, but it really needs to be concise. That’s where a bio writing service comes in handy.

    Different services can offer multiple lengths for your bio, depending on where you’ll use it. For a professional website, you might use a longer bio – this could be up to a page. Most people use short bios for their networking profiles, which are around 100 words. Depending on what your goals are, a professional bio writing company will work with you to determine the best length.

    What to Look for in a Bio Writing Service?

    When seeking out the best bio writer, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, cost will be a significant factor in any service you seek out. Be sure to research what the cost of the service includes – will you be able to send your bio back for revisions? Will you receive multiple bios for different websites and social channels?

    Turnaround time is another important consideration. Are you on a time crunch, or are you happy to wait while writers craft a great professional bio for you? You should also look into the service’s credentials before you decide. How long have they been writing bios? Do their writers hold any certifications or awards?

    Lastly, ask to see templates to get a general idea of their writing style. You should also check to see if the design and overall look of their bios agrees with your preferences.

    How Do You Determine the Best Customer Service?

    Customer service is a subjective measure of a company’s ability to satisfy their clientele. When it comes to bio writing, resume writing, and job coaching, there are a few services a company should provide. We believe a bio writing service should allow for free revisions, included in the overall fee of the service. Some will offer unlimited revisions, meaning that they will ensure your complete satisfaction with the end product.

    Some companies will also allow you to select rush shipping or rush orders when checking out. This means that you can request a quick turnaround time of about 2 business days, for a fee.

    You should also consider looking at a company’s website and see if they provide testimonials. Any company that provides great customer service will be proud to showcase their happy and satisfied clientele. If a website doesn’t show a few testimonials, consider looking elsewhere for the best bio writer. 

    How Do I Ultimately Choose my Bio Writing Service?

    With quite a few options available to you, it’s difficult to make a decision when it comes to the best bio-writing company that works for you and your specific situation. There’s no one size fits all answer, and the company you decide to work with should suit you and your requirements.

    This decision is completely based on your own needs and priorities. We all have different reasons for job hunting – whether you’re looking to make a career change, trying to negotiate a better salary and benefits package, or simply want to grow in your skills, a great bio writing service will be able to translate your wants and needs into an effective and engaging bio.

    If you have a specific goal in mind, or if you’re hoping to break into a certain industry, scour different bio writing companies’ websites and find the service that works with people in your field. Different companies have different specialties, and you want to be sure that the service you choose has experience helping people in your chosen field.

    Do your research, look through various websites, and read reviews. The best companies will have their reviews readily posted on their website, or they’ll provide links to reviews posted on Google or their Facebook page. We also think the sign of a great company is if they provide samples and resources. If the company you’re researching refuses to give you examples of their past work, don’t be afraid to walk away.

    What Should Be Included in a Good Bio or Bio Service?

    First, let’s discuss what goes into a good bio. Things might appear simple for this short-form piece of writing, but there’s a lot that goes into a great professional bio. A professional bio is about 5-10 sentences long and quickly gives people a good sense about your employment history and accomplishments. It’s best to think about your bio as an advertisement for yourself and what you can do for a company.

    A good bio writing company should first and foremost seek to get to know you and understand how to present your job history to potential employers. Many companies will want to have a Zoom call, a face-to-face meeting, or a phone call to get to know you. This will enable them to craft the best professional bio for different websites and channels. Beyond this, we think bio writers should offer free revisions, samples upon request, and a range of testimonials. You should also ensure that the company provides transparent pricing options.

    We also think you should consider a resume, cover letter, and executive bio package when you’re on the job hunt. Many of the best bio writing services take a holistic approach and will consult with you through a 30-minute phone conversation. Here, they’ll get to know you, your job history, your education, and what you’ve accomplished in your career. This will allow them to create an entire suite of materials that will make you stand out on the job market. While a bio is an important part of your career portfolio, a pristine resume and cover letter gives you an even greater chance of being noticed by hiring managers.

    The Bottom Line: Why Super Star Resume is the Best Service

    Out of all the different bio writing services we found, Super Star Resume stands out as the best. While some bio writing companies might specialize in executive writing services, real estate, IT, or other industries, Super Star Resume has a great command of different fields and showed a global reach across different cities and countries.

    The services this company offers are comprehensive, ranging from an executive bio, to a resume, a cover letter, optimization for your LinkedIn profile, and 6 months of support. Many different companies will charge for every service they offer, but Super Star Resume offers comprehensive packages in addition to editing and coaching.

    This company employs professional editors and writers and many of the materials are written by their lead resume writer, Steven Mostyn. Additionally, the different resources they offer on their website are free and valuable for anyone who wants to spruce up their bios, resumes, or cover letters. Most bio writing services will not offer free resources on their website or to potential clients, but Super Star Resume makes these articles available at no charge.

    No matter where you decide to find your executive writing services, be sure to take your time and find the bio writing company that is best for you. A professional bio is a deceptively involved and important part of marketing yourself to potential employers, and it’s not to be dismissed. Many people read the bios you post on your LinkedIn, portfolio website, or other professional social media channels. Give them the best impression of yourself with an effective, concise, and comprehensive professional bio. You’ll be happy you did, and you’ll see the results quicker than you realize.