How to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn: A Complete Guide

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    LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for professionals and job seekers alike. With 87 percent of recruiters using LinkedIn to find potential candidates, making your profile stand out is crucial. One effective way to do this is by uploading your resume to LinkedIn. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the various methods of adding an outline to LinkedIn, the benefits of doing so, best practices, and more.

    1. Why Should You Add a Resume to LinkedIn?

    Uploading your resume to LinkedIn offers several advantages:

    • Increased Exposure

    Uploading your resume makes it easily accessible to recruiters and hiring managers who visit your profile, helping you gain more visibility and increasing your chances of being contacted for relevant job opportunities.

    • Simplified Application Process

    Uploading your resume through the Easy Apply feature on LinkedIn allows you to submit job applications without leaving the platform, streamlining the process and saving time.

    • Signaling Intent

    Adding a resume to your LinkedIn profile signals to recruiters and your connections that you seek job opportunities.

    • Personalized Recommendations

    LinkedIn uses the information from your resume to provide job recommendations, personalize your feed, and expand your professional network.

    Now that we understand the benefits, let’s explore different ways to add a resume to LinkedIn.

    2. How to Upload a Resume During the Job Application Process

    One way to add your resume to LinkedIn is by uploading it during the job application process. Follow these steps:

    • Search for a specific job title or company in the search box on LinkedIn.
    Screenshot on how to search for jobs on LinkedIn
    • Narrow down your search using filters such as job type, salary range, and experience level.
    Screenshot of linkedin job search feature
    • Click on the job title you are interested in to see the job details.
    Screenshot of a linkedin job ad
    • Click the Easy Apply button to start the application process.
    Screenshot of the Easy Apply button on LinkedIn
    • Complete the required fields, including your name, email address, phone number, and home address.
    • Under “Resume,” select “Upload Resume,” and choose your resume file from your computer or device.
    Screenshot of upload resume button on LinkedIn
    • Complete all the required fields and submit your application.

    Once your resume is uploaded, LinkedIn will notify you when the job poster downloads it.

    3. Adding a Resume to Your LinkedIn Account

    LinkedIn allows you to store up to four recent resumes in your account. These resumes should be visible to the public. Here’s how you can add a summary to your LinkedIn account:

    • Click on your profile picture and select “Me.”
    Screenshot of LinkedIn profile button
    • In the dropdown menu, choose “Settings & Privacy.”
    How to view profile on LinkedIn
    • Click “Data privacy” on the left sidebar and select “Job application settings.”
    Job application settings on LinkedIn
    • Under “Manage your resumes,” click “Upload Resume” and select your file from your computer or device.
    Upload Resume on LinkedIn
    • Ensure the “Save and manage your resumes and answers” button is on.

    4. Adding a Resume to Your LinkedIn Profile

    You can also showcase your resume directly on your LinkedIn profile, allowing viewers to see and download your resume from your profile page. Follow these steps:

    • Click the “Add profile section” button below your profile picture and headline.
    Screenshot of linkedin profile
    • In the pop-up window, click “Add featured.”
    Add featured setting on LinkedIn
    • Click on the plus (+) sign and select “Add media.”
    Screenshot of a featured item on LinkedIn
    • Choose your resume file from your computer or device and click “Upload.”
    Uploading a file from your computer
    • Once uploaded, your resume will be visible in the Featured section of your LinkedIn profile.
    Adding media on LinkedIn

    Note that this method may not be suitable if you have privacy concerns.

    5. Uploading a Resume as a LinkedIn Post

    To gain more visibility for your resume, you can upload it as a LinkedIn post. However, be cautious about sharing confidential information publicly. Here’s how to upload your resume as a post:

    • Click the “Start a post” prompt on your LinkedIn feed.
    How to create LinkedIn post
    • Click the three dots (…) beside the “Create a poll” icon.
    How to upload your resume as a post
    • Select “Add a document.”
    Add document on a LinkedIn post
    • Click “Choose file” and select your resume file.
    Choose file on LinkedIn
    • Write a descriptive title for your resume and click “Done” to publish your post.
    Uploaded resume

    6. LinkedIn Resume – Tips and Best Practices

    Before uploading your resume to LinkedIn, optimizing it for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and human recruiters is essential. Follow these tips and best practices:

    • Keep your resume concise and straightforward.
    • Use the chronological resume format.
    • Highlight relevant skills and experiences.
    • Include only experiences that are relevant to the position you are targeting.
    • Quantify your achievements with numbers and metrics.
    • Avoid using buzzwords and fluff.
    • Do not use headers, footers, tables, charts, or graphics that ATS may not have parsed correctly.
    • Optimize your resume with solid and relevant keywords.
    • Tailor your resume to each job application.

    7. Updating Your Resume on LinkedIn

    To update your resume on LinkedIn, follow these steps: 

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    • Click on the three dots next to your previously uploaded resume in your Job Application Settings.
    Job Application Settings on LinkedIn
    How to delete or download a file on linkedin
    • Select “Delete.”
    How to delete or download a file on linkedin 2
    • Once you have deleted your resume, you can upload a revised version.
    • In the Featured section of your profile, click on the pen icon.
    The add featured icon on LinkedIn
    Editing your resume file
    • Choose to either edit or delete your resume.
    • If you choose to edit, update your resume accordingly and save the changes.

    Remember to update your resume regularly to reflect your most recent experiences and achievements.

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    9. Key Takeaways

    • Uploading your resume to LinkedIn provides increased exposure and simplifies the application process.
    • There are multiple ways to add a resume to LinkedIn, including during the job application process, on your LinkedIn account, profile, or as a post.
    • Optimize your resume for ATS by keeping it concise, using relevant keywords, and tailoring it to each job application.
    • Regularly update your resume on LinkedIn to reflect your most recent experiences.
    • Consider the differences between a resume and a LinkedIn profile when creating and uploading your resume.

    Now that you understand how to add a resume to LinkedIn take the necessary steps to optimize your profile and increase your chances of attracting recruiters and landing your dream job.