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    The Great Scott Arts Association,
    a new organization in Mosquito Falls, MN, is seeking a consultant or consultants
    to assist in its initial set-up and in the analysis of possible administrative
    and performing space. See the associated “Agreement for Services”
    which would typically follow this proposal, assuming the client finds a
    consultant that he or she likes and enters into an agreement with them.


    The GSAA was established in 1991 to assist several existing cultural groups
    in Mosquito Falls and to promote and coordinate arts activities in the area.
    Mosquito Falls is a town of 7500 people about 30 miles north of Saint Marvin,
    on Highway 10. Cultural organizations in Mosquito Falls include a community
    theater, community orchestra, the county historical society, and a separate
    the history museum, a small concert series, a community art school, and a Comprehensive
    Arts Planning Program (CAPP) group, among others. To date, GSAA has a nonprofit
    and tax-exempt status and a board of directors, but no staff or office space.
    No maximum budget for the consultancy has been established at this time.

    Tasks to be accomplished

    Continue development of the Association and plan for its future
    · work with a task force of member organizations to determine what
    joint needs the GSAA should address and how and to write GSAA by-laws
    · implement a general membership structure and campaign
    · design a GSAA newsletter and publish the first issues
    · develop annual GSAA budget projections for three years

    Develop a building use plan (in concert with member organizations):
    · determine organizations’ individual space needs
    · determine how space should best be used
    · develop sample schedules of events to be held in the space
    · develop recommendations on GSAA’s role in operating the space,
    if any
    · develop a list of policy issues that should be dealt with before
    any building is acquired (i.e., should tenant organizations pay rent? how
    should space be allocated?)
    · Meet with representatives of other institutions interested in the
    space to determine the feasibility of shared use

    Research possible funding sources for building remodeling and GSAA operations
    · conduct the necessary library research to identify possible Minnesota
    and national funding sources, both private and public
    · gather guidelines from possible funders
    · communicate with most likely funders to gauge their interest
    · develop initial plans for seeking organizational and individual
    funds from the Mosquito Falls community

    This consultancy should begin in January 1999 and be completed no later
    than June 1999.

    How to submit a proposal

    Interested people should submit the following, no later than October 9,
    to Jason Johnson, Mosquito Falls Music Center, 116 8th Street, Mosquito
    Falls, MN 56000. If there are questions, call Jason at 612-999-999.
    1. A proposal describing your qualifications (or the qualifications of the
    team of consultants) and how the tasks described above would be carried
    2. A firm estimate of fees to be charged, and an estimate of expenses that
    would be incurred
    3. Resumes of all consultants who would be involved in the project
    4. Names, phone numbers and contact people at three nonprofit organizations
    who have been your clients during the last 18 months, whom we can all on
    as references.
    5. Interviews with finalists will be held during the week of October 12.

    This information may be copied;
    cite the owner on all copies.

    © Copyright, Barbara Davis
    Used with permission
    Not to be used for commercial purposes

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