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    What is Management? All About managing and management

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    Traditionally, the term “management” refers to the activities (and often the group of people) involved in the four general functions: planning, organizing, leading, and coordinating resources. Note that the four functions recur throughout the organization and are highly integrated. Emerging trends in management include assertions that leading is different than managing and that the nature of how the four functions are carried out must change to accommodate a “new paradigm” in management. This topic in the library helps the reader to accomplish a broad understanding of management (including traditional and emerging views), and the areas of knowledge and skills required to carry out the major functions of management.

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    Introduction to Organizations (at least the information under the title “Basics”)

    Gaining a Broad Understanding of Organizational Management

    Managing Yourself

    Managing Yourself

    Basic, Entry-Level Skills

    Major Functions of Management (and areas of Knowledge and Skills in each)

    Nonprofit-Specific Areas of Knowledge and Skills

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    Basic Guide to Management and Supervision

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