Free Online Nonprofit Organization and Management Development Program

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    Free Nonprofit Micro-eMBA for nonprofit management development.

    Nonprofit leaders, managers, staff, volunteers, and service
    providers can complete this entire 12-module, online program for free at
    any time from anywhere in the world. All materials are available on the
    World Wide Web!

    Online, free, learning modules include:

    1. Orientation to Program — and Other Free Resources for Your Nonprofit
    2. Starting and Understanding Your Nonprofit
    3. Understanding the Role of the Chief Executive
    4. Developing Your Management and Leadership Skills
    5. Building and Supporting Your Board
    6. Developing Your Strategic Plan
    7. Developing and Marketing Your Programs
    8. Managing Your Nonprofit’s Finances and Taxes
    9. Developing Your Fundraising Plan
    10. Supervising Your Employees and Volunteers
    11. Evaluating Your Programs and Services
    12. Conducting the Overall Final Fitness Test of Your Nonprofit

    On the World Wide Web, see

    (Many public libraries provide free access to the Web.)

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