Passionate Communication: Key to Effective Training

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    Passionate Interaction: Key to Effective Training

    As a way of introducing myself to the Training and Development world, I’ve included the bio below. While a variety of skill sets take us in many directions, my strength has been as a passionate communicator. I apply my social psychology background and my verbal skills to my “day” job, focusing on crisis management and customer service. I will be retiring from that position and devoting my time to running my company, Acting Smarts, as well as writing, acting, speaking coaching, and related activities. Meanwhile, I am open to financial opportunities now that will allow me to depart from my current position when feasible, and grant me the means to apply my skills and talent in a broader sense. In general, effective communication is important, not only in achieving our interpersonal goals but in influencing the world around us. Skillful and charismatic communication is critical in leading any business or organization and essential to trainers, training developers, professional development staff, and managers. So, here’s my story:

    Jack Shaw is a professional theatrical and film actor, voice-over artist, on-camera actor, performing in commercials, public service announcements, audio books, and training films. In addition to being the Training and Development Blog Host for the Free Management Library, he is the Performing Arts blogger for the Wilmington Examiner, as well as a reviewer for Stage Magazine. He shares his thoughts on theater and other communication topics at

    Through his company, Acting Smarts, he focuses his efforts on practical approaches to acting and communicating. Although he coaches actors for commercials, narration and theatre environments, the bulk of his business is derived from other practical applications of the art–in coaching executives in charismatic public speaking and presenting. With graduate degrees in Performance Criticism and Social Psychology, combined with his years of acting and directing, he has a unique communication insight and a dynamic presentation style. He’s directed such plays as Harvey, Lovers and Other Strangers, Romantic Comedy, Blithe Spirit, and Creation of the World and Other Business; and acted in Regional theaters throughout the country. His professional theater experience includes roles as “Nathan” in Guys and Dolls, “Perchik” in Fiddler on the Roof, “Mordred” in Camelot, and “Ice” in West Side Story. He’s also appeared in numerous non-musical theatre productions.

    He has been an on-air personality, commercial announcer, a news director and talk show host in radio as well as a public affairs producer, audio chief, and a staff announcer in television. As an Air Force public affairs officer, he was a public speaker and spokesperson for national and local media, taught English and speech at the USAF Academy, ran the tour program inside Cheyenne Mountain, and was Space Division’s community spokesperson for Los Angeles and Orange counties. While stationed in Panama, he trained other public affairs officers how to handle national and international media. As part of the Administration’s National Training Center, he trained State and Federal staff, developed and presented courses in leadership, management development, train-the-trainer, and customer service. From his diverse experience he sees communication as vital in establishing and maintaining credibility, whether it is as an actor, business executive, or other professional.

    Jack received Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Psychology and English, and dual Master’s degrees (Speech/Dramatic Art and English) focusing on performance criticism from the University of Missouri in Columbia. He has yet another Master’s degree in Social Psychology. The Passionate Communicator offers coaching, consulting, training in public speaking, executive presenting, and acting. He applies acting coaching techniques to help professionals build exceptional oral communication and networking skills, and helps serious actors act. Contact Jack at (856) 979-2890.

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