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    doctor-oldThe current government shut-down is affecting everyone, especially trainers who depend on government contracts to stay alive. As a Federal worker, I went through several government shut-downs, and when it got down to dangerous territory one side caved–a compromise. Here, though President Obama has said, he will not compromise or even negotiate with the Republicans until the shut-down is over. To be fair, as my wife points out, the Republicans said they will not negotiate until they get what they want.

    Politics. What a conundrum! And it affects all of us. It should, but in a good way.

    In previous shut-downs, the contractors, including trainers, stayed afloat, often expanding their charge because the government agencies were not allowed to hire–just reduce their own budgets. We all got paid in the end. The uncertainty is disconcerting nonetheless.

    It’s a little scary for everyone; however, the world knows no one is going to take over the government. That’s a good thing. For the economy: not so good.

    Remember, I am apolitical here so don’t try to catch me on one side or the other.

    While all this is happening, the debate is over “Obamacare.” I won’t discuss that it’s law and the Republicans should leave it alone. That’s politics. What is irritating for me is that it seems to be over that “word” and not what it entails, which are certain aspects of health care. The Dems try to explain it; I think for sympathy, but their stand is clear. The Reps don’t want to talk about why they don’t want it. Someone needs a good trainer.

    If the Reps want to make points, they could at least go into why they don’t like it. They just want to kill it. So, the experts have told us what they want instead. Neither plan will bring costs down in America as much as consumers would like. They make it sound like it will, but it won’t. Why? The issue is health care–not “Obamacare.”

    We know there are other big issues at work here. The political lobbies: insurance, medical, and drug companies are some of some of the strongest in Washington. Not only that, they are also the largest campaign donors. Naturally, these lobbies are too strong for government to take on, and a no-brainer for candidates and those currently holding office. I suspect it is easier to pass a bill legalizing marijuana and prostitution than it would be to regulate any industry under the lobby umbrella’s. However, that’s not what’s needed.

    We expect government to tell the people the truth. We pretty much live by it. As trainers, the last thing we would do is tell an employee something that was untrue or not the full truth. It seems we Americans were too arrogant to look at how medical care is approached overseas. Please take a look at this terrific video. Why American Health Care Costs Are So High. It tells the fantastic truth about where we stand in health care and poses some interesting questions. The speaker, while sounding a bit nutty, is an American with good stats. Meanwhile, we trainers trudge onward. I’ve seen an upswing of trainer activity on LinkedIn. Most activity I doubt that it is government-related, but it is probably regarding the lack of faith in the government, breeding a lack of faith in the economy. Strike quickly before it gets too bad seems to be the idea. I wouldn’t rush though. The employers already feel the pressure; if you rush, it could be enough to push them away rather than pull them to you.

    When the shut-down is over, there will be a big relief for the American public naturally, but also for business, consumers and government contractors as well as trainers and anyone who works in a service business. More contracts will have to be let to fill in the gaps not allowed to filled by government employees. And that will include trainers.

    Someone should still talk about why American health care costs are still so high in comparison to other countries. We are told our health care is the best because of our system. Wrong. Our health care is not remarkably better when compared to other first world countries. A long wait to see someone. Check again. If you don’t believe me, check out the video again and his original sources.

    Spreading the word is probably not up to trainers either. How could we speak out to those very companies that are a large part of our income, let alone our economy? I hope someone finds a way because we are blowing it.

    A disclaimer. This commentary is mine and mine alone, and the opinion expressed here is not influenced by The Free Management Library in any way.

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