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    From creating your free blog to the development of your business/personal website, WordPress is the most used open-source CMS (Content Management System). It is considered the most popular CMS used over the globe. With a simple and easy-to-use dashboard, WordPress is often used by the newbie internet marketer to establish an online presence. vs.

    Generally, users get confused about and Technically, is a free platform where you can create your own blog without spending a single penny. All you need is to register yourself on You will be allowed to make your website without paying for the domain name as well as a hosting plan.

    On the other hand, provides you with the executable software that is required to upload your theme and develop your website according to your liking and demand. By using, you need to pay for your own domain name and web hosting plan.

    WordPress Website Creation – A WordPress Hosting Guide

    But, from novice to expert, you will require a beginner’s guide that will help you to start your own blog/website. The guide will be used to get an overview of and steps you need to follow in order to develop your website.

    So on demand; we are hereby presenting you the WordPress Hosting Guide. This graphical data will help you to learn how you can start your own website without coding knowledge.

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