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    Guest Author: Jessica Davis

    Make Your Life Easier

    Do you multitask constantly? Need a little bit of help? Several content marketing tools will make life easier. And if you need a little more help, you can always turn to Chrome extensions.

    Browser extensions are really handy little workhorses. They assist you with tasks like content curation, organizing passwords, links, images and much more. Just arm your browser with these extensions, so they’re just a click away when you need them. Let’s take a look at some of the best Chrome extensions that can boost your content marketing efforts.

    Lastpass – Free Password Vault

    Was it your birth-date? Your first pet’s name? Or was it the name of the guy/girl you had a crush on in high school? Remembering passwords for various websites and applications can be frustrating. It’s terribly annoying when you forget your password and have to reset it. But, with the LastPass extension, you will only ever have to remember one password – your master password for LastPass.

    All passwords for your other accounts can be saved on the extension, and the extension can log in to all the websites you use automatically. It also lets you synch your passwords wherever you require them. Plus, it is a free tool that supports multiple browsers and operating systems.

    Lastpass free password vault

    1. 2. DrumUp – Free content discovery, curation and scheduling

    The DrumUp Chrome plugin is just as efficient as the web and mobile application. It provides you with story recommendations related to the article or blog post that you are currently reading. Once you download the extension, you will be able to see a small DrumUp icon on the right hand side of your browser. To get your story recommendations, all you have to do is click on the DrumUp extension icon. The recommendations are displayed in a drop-down window and these stories can be shared on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages directly from the browser.

    If you aren’t logged into any of your social media accounts, the extension directs you to a sign in page on the main DrumUp homepage. It’s a great way to share engaging content to keep your social media pages active with minimum effort.
    DrumUp – Free content discovery, curation and scheduling

    1. Nimbus – Free Screenshot and Screencast Capture

    Grab screenshots in a heartbeat with the Nimbus Chrome extension. We all know the importance of having visual content accompanying blog posts, articles or even social media posts. If you’ve been avoiding taking screenshots simply because it was cumbersome thing to do, Nimbus can really help. The tool even lets you record screencasts and edit your screenshots to add in stickers, arrows, patterns and text boxes.

    Nimbus – Free Screenshot and Screencast Capture

    1. OneTab – Free Browser Tab Management

    Going through multiple tabs on your browser while researching can be quite frustrating. OneTab provides a clean solution to this problem by saving all the open tabs in a simple list. This way, you can easily organize all your tabs and go back to them whenever you need to refer to them.

    With OneTab you don’t have to save your links on a different document or bookmark dozens of links, only to wonder later about which ones you were planning on using. You can access your list of tabs even after you have completely closed the browser window. Apart from that, OneTab gives you the option of either opening all tabs at once, or opening them individually. You can even share the lists with your colleagues, if you are collaborating on a project.

    OneTab – Free Browser Tab Management

    1. Riffle – Free Twitter Management

    Using the Riffle Chrome extension, you can find out who the most popular users on Twitter are, and also find a way to engage with your followers. You can instantly build connections with other Twitterati, and get access to valuable data like the number of followers, and retweets a particular user has.

    The extension can also provide you with real-time activity analysis which allows you to have more personal conversations with your followers. It’s a great tool for not just content marketers but also for others who work in sales and customer service related jobs.

    Riffle – Free Twitter ManagementGrammarly – Free Grammar Checker

    Live no longer in the fear that you have published a post or sent out an email riddled with silly grammatical errors. The Grammarly Chrome extension is designed to spot grammatical errors and awkward sentences in your content. You can go back and edit your work to ensure that is completely error-free before publishing or sending it out.

    The extension is easy to install on your Chrome browser and it constantly keeps working in the background to verify spellings, grammar and sentence structure. Grammarly can spot and fix over a 100 types of mistakes if you use the free versions. With the paid version, it provides you with an explanation as to why the content is incorrect and what can be done to fix it. Millions of writers from more than 200 countries trust Grammarly’s products to help perfect their written English. Also see more info, browse Grammarly services, download the software, and see Grammarly’s customer reviews

    Grammarly – Free Grammar Checker

    1. Giphy – Free GIF engine

    No matter how you pronounce it, GIFs are all the rage right now. You may have seen them on various blog posts, and might have reminded yourself to use one the next time you write a blog post. You can immediately attract a lot of attention by placing a funny GIF in your content, but finding the right GIF to match the reaction you are trying to show can be tough.

    The Giphy extension has a repository of over a thousand GIFs and with it’s simple search function, you can find the right one in a matter of seconds. To place it where you need it, you can either drag and drop it or right click on the GIF. Every time you use the extension, you will be able to see the most trending GIFs.

    Giphy – Free GIF engine

    1. Ritetag – Free Analytics and Social Crafting

    Adding memes and images to your posts just became much easier with the Ritetag Chrome extension. It suggests various gifs, memes and images that are related to your post, and if you like, you can add them in to visually boost your post. It also offers precise statistics so that you can create the perfect hashtag for your content. Use Ritetag with other applications and take advantage of the other features it offers such as bulk upload, analytics and shortened URLs.

    This Chrome extension works on most social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. For Twitter, Ritetag also recommends trending hashtags so that your posts can be discovered easily.

    Ritetag – Free Analytics and Social Crafting

    1. Snip.ly – Free Link Shortener with Custom Message

    With Sniply, you can easily add a call to action to any content that you post and still link back to your own website. This is especially helpful if you are posting content on someone else’s blog, and you would like to attract visitors to your website. If you decide to publish someone else’s content, you can still add a personalized message and a Sniply link that links back to your site. This is a great way to engage customers with your brand.

    Using Sniply, you can monitor how many clicks you received on your posts and the number of conversions that resulted from it. The tool also gives you information about the amount of time a visitor might have spent on your page.

    Snip.ly – Free Link Shortener with Custom Message

    1. Rapportive – Free Networking Tool

      This is a great extension for marketers as it helps you connect with new people. Using Rapportive, you can extract basic information from a person’s LinkedIn profile, allowing you to see exactly whom you are communicating with.

    Rapportive – Free Networking Tool

    This is a superb feature if you are in talks with a potential client or a partner, and it also lets you confirm their email addresses. You can directly connect with your contact on LinkedIn without having to leave your inbox.

    These Chrome extensions are easy to install and can make your life much simpler – be it content discovery, tab organization or grammar corrections. These extensions are a great help and you can easily utilize them in your day-to-day management tasks.

    Author Bio: Jessica Davis represents Godot Media, a leading content marketing firm. Her areas of interest include technology, science and fashion.

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