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    Guest Author: Jessica Davis

    How did an $11,000 social media campaign return USD$2.5 million for a tiny town in Europe?

    Obermutten Switzerland

    Tucked away in the peace and quiet of the Swiss Alps is a small hamlet called Obermutten. Being one of the smallest towns in Europe with only 80 residents, it would have continued to remain in obscurity if it weren’t for a certain Facebook campaign. In an attempt to attract more tourists, the residents announced that they would print a picture of every person who liked their Facebook Page and pin it up on the town’s noticeboard. So, their investment of just $11,000 on a campaign that went extremely viral helped the town earn $2.5 million in return.

    While such viral campaign ideas may be hard to come by, maintaining a steady presence on social media is, thankfully, much easier. No really, it is – if you use content curation tools.

    How do content curation tools help?

    It is important to share new and interesting content on a daily basis to keep your social media audience hooked to your brand. Original content not only helps you improve your rankings in keyword searches but also lets you establish thought leadership within your industry. However, creating content is not an easy process as it takes a significant amount of time and effort.

    Considering the volume of content that is continuously shared on social media, content curation will help you maintain a steady presence, without having to spend as much time and effort as you will have to in the case of content creation. It gives you the distinct advantage of being able to stay active, without having to spend hours on end creating one social media post after another. Businesses around the world have been quick to adopt content curation for the same reason.

    Content curation tools let you achieve greater levels of efficiency in social media management by helping you discover, organize, curate, schedule, and share interesting content for the purpose of social media marketing. Let us have a look at some of these content-curation tools that are creating waves in the social media world.


    DrumUp .io

    DrumUp uses advanced Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms to generate a fresh stream of content every day, for a given set of keywords. It lets you manage multiple social accounts from a single dashboard, saving you the effort of having to log in to multiple accounts. The recommended content can be reviewed and scheduled for sharing on social media, days, weeks or even months in advance. It lets you add custom posts to the queue of scheduled content and supports Image uploads as well.



    Feedly gathers information and articles from various sites to collate them into one attractive GUI that serves as your homepage for all the information that is pertinent to you and your business. Feedly provides you with real-time trending articles and blog posts, which you can then individually share on your social accounts. The RSS reader lets you choose your preferred sources for content, and you can add or delete items to your list of sources as per your requirement.


    BottlenoseBottlenose acts as a real-time search engine, bringing you the latest trending topics and data analytics for content on social media. With access to real-time information, Bottlenose lets you share trending content with your audience, thereby increasing your chances of being the first one to break some news. All you have to do is enter a search term for which it will return results based on relevance and social influence. The tool also lets you create alerts for topics that are of interest to you.

    Realtime by Bitly

    Realtime by Bitly

    Realtime by Bitly or is an interactive application that lets you conduct a real-time search of every link available on Bitly and returns a list of the hottest trending topics. You can even add a filter to these topics to sort by social network, topic, and language. Realtime also lets users bookmark articles for future use.

    Try these social media management tools out and see which one fits your purpose the best. Using these tools you can save a lot of useful time that you can in turn invest in your business’ core functions, the ones that cannot be outsourced.

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