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    Key Marketing Strategy to Sell Products

    In my previous post, “Sample Email Newsletter That Grabs Readers’ Attention”, we discussed an excellent example for small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals who employ a content marketing strategy to attract website traffic. Today, we’ll look behind the curtain at a hugely successful home-based business email newsletter for independent entrepreneurs. I became aware of this particular newsletter (in the image below) because my Consultant sells beautifully branded gifts and totes for the company Thirty-One Gifts. Their primary marketing objectives?

    • Branding and
    • selling products!

    Email newsletters clearly serve vastly different businesses and audiences. So the content must be strategically planned and executed. When in doubt, employ others’ newsletter success stories. Like the one in the image below.

    Email Newsletters Automate Branding

    One of the biggest challenges to all home-based businesses is branding – building awareness, recognition, credibility, and ultimately trust. For Thirty-one Gifts Consultants, this email newsletter does it all. Notice that the very first element that catches your attention is the Thirty-one scripted logo at the top. This newsletter comes out every few weeks, with new promotions and products, and every single time, that logo is right there in the same spot.

    In fact, the entire newsletter is professionally designed, so that you recognize it for its layout as well as the logo. Same use of color, placement, text, and product elements. Thirty-one Gifts is known for quality products that solve disorganization problems and are stylish, practical and affordable. Bingo. Problem solved. It’s a branding dream-come-true for the entrepreneur. Instant awareness, recognition, credibility, and growing trust.

    Successful Selling with Email Newsletters

    The next biggest challenge for the entrepreneur is sales. The vehicle to meet this marketing challenge is, of course, the email newsletter itself. But not any old newsletter will do. In fact, for any business, it’s tough to get a newsletter right – one that gives a great User Experience (UX) and converts traffic to purchases. Thirty-one Gifts has done it again.

    Notice the newsletter’s enticing colors, images and bursts of short copy. It’s easy to scan so readers tend to soak in the entire page. Although you can’t click the links in the image below, in the actual newsletter the big pink SHOP NOW button takes you on a shopping trip that’s easy to navigate and fun!

    Thirty-one Gifts Consultant

    Then they make it super easy to share. So not only do I want to shop and buy, but I’m also increasing the audience when I post it to my social pages. My Thirty -one Gifts Consultant now has her customers doing the selling for her. Smart marketing.

    Go ahead and test the site: – You’ll love the UX! Then leave your feedback here.

    Sample email newsletter


    Sample email newsletter


    Sample email newsletter


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