The Perks Of Having A Pinterest Account

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    Guest Author: Manilyn Moreno

    There’s no doubt that Pinterest has indeed emerged as one of the biggest social networking sites today. Forbes reports that Pinterest is now the world’s third-largest social media, with almost 105 million visitors. Although this figure is still small compared to Facebook, with more than 7 billion visits, Pinterest’s statistics stand closer to Twitter’s 182 million visits, and go ahead LinkedIn’s, with roughly 86 million visits. This is an amazing feat, considering that Pinterest is just a newcomer, launched in 2010, offering dozens of benefits to businesses small and big alike. If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, read on and find out the best that Pinterest has to offer.

    1. Pinterest Lets You Share Your Photos

    When you start pinning photos, you will notice that Pinterest links the image back to the source. So, for example, if you are trying to sell an item on Amazon and you pin an image of that product, you can link that image back to your Amazon account. According to Stephanie Chandler, who writes for, pinning your posts will do so much to generate backlinks and increase the traffic that goes to your blog. You may also make your photos more interesting by adding descriptions and website links since Google could immediately follow these links.

    2. Pinterest Helps You Build Your Audience

    Another interesting perk that you can enjoy when using Pinterest is that it lets you cross-promote your posts to other social networks. You can also link Pinterest with your Twitter and Facebook, so each time a new pin is made, it’ll also pop up on your other accounts automatically. Likewise, don’t forget to link your Pinterest on your website’s profile page, as well as your other social media accounts.

    3. Pinterest Builds Your Online Presence

    Google immediately crawls and indexes Pinterest content, which could significantly boost your online presence. So, if you are thinking about a way of making an edge against your competitors, then engage Pinterest in your online marketing campaign. You’ll see the difference. Also, make sure to incorporate the important keywords each time you post comments on images. If you have published your photo, make sure to include the keywords, as well when including the photo descriptions.

    4. Pinterest Enhances Backlinks & Referrals

    The images you’ve pinned on your board will immediately send a link back to the source. These backlinks are very helpful in boosting traffic to your website. You could start by posting images and websites of your products and the links will automatically lead to your website. But remember to avoid being overly promotional because you will leave the impression that you are actually up to selling something, and not in offering great value. Remember this, your pins have to be interesting to make them worth liking, commenting on, and re-pinning.

    5. Pinterest Expands Your Social Signals

    Google and Bing’s search engine algorithms put heavy emphasis on strong signals generated by Pinterest and other social networking sites. Likewise, Pinterest offers more avenues for your searchers and prospective customers to gain access to your products and services. It only means that the stronger your social signals are, the more eager you are to make your content very accessible to people and that you are interested in forging a stronger relationship with your audience and prospective clients.


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