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    Guest Post by Jessica Sanders

    Added Value

    Infographics have very quickly proved to be a valuable aspect of any online marketing campaign. Regardless of your industry or target audience, they seem to bode well across the board, which is great for your small business.

    While experts have nothing but good things to say about infographics, its success has been studied and proven. found that blog posts with infographics got 72% more views and created 178% more inbound links. So, as a successful addition to your marketing efforts you want to get as much from this new fad as possible. From tracking to targeting, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

    Pair With a Research Company

    You work with a very competent, highly skilled marketing team – there’s no doubt about that. However, there are some resources they just may not have access to. When this is the case, it makes sense to pair with a company that specializes in tricky and interesting statistics. But, don’t worry; you’ll get more out of the deal than just a few mind-blowing facts.

    • Authority by association: Marketing is all about building your brand, so why not associate it with a top-notch research company. Not only will you get the most accurate information, but you’ll look good presenting it, too.

    Target Correctly

    While infographics have infiltrated almost every industry, that doesn’t mean you can put them anywhere and reap the benefits. To see a positive effect you have to treat it like any other piece of marketing material by putting it in front of the right people. Whether that is on a photo sharing site or your email campaign, be sure to gear it to the right customers.

    • Choose the right sharing networks: While Pinterest is all the rage, so are other platforms like Instagram and Flickr. Be sure that you are sharing your photo on the sites where you’ll get the most traction.
    • Choose the right information: While most infographics are used to inform customers and the general public about a difficult subject, some companies can use them to boast quarterly or annual numbers, or to explain processes for purchasing on their website. Know who would want to know what before sharing.

    Make it Easy to Track

    Finally, as with anything in your marketing portfolio, you want to be sure to track your infographic. As a highly shared branding token, you want to ensure the right tracking methods are used in order to re-target the photo or place it elsewhere. There are two main aspects to your infographic tracking.

    • Embedded code: Before sending it out for the masses, be sure to embed a tracking code. Place this in your standard tracking software to monitor its progress.
    • Use your online tools: While your analytics tool may provide you with a load of valuable information, use websites such as RankChecker to follow its progress on all the major search engines.

    Infographics are a marketing gold mine. Easy to share and understand, it’s a simple method for increasing brand impressions while impressing your customers and other industry experts.


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    Guest Author Bio: Jessica Sanders is an avid small business writer touching on topics that range from social media to telemarketing and web design. She is a professional blogger and web content writer for