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    The Web Powered Entrepreneur is now in bookstores

    Market your business online – and get RESULTS

    I’m proud to announce the launch of my long-awaited new book, The WebPowered Entrepreneur.

    Many very good books on the market today tell you how Internet marketing works. They focus on concepts. The WebPowered Entrepreneur is different. It demystifies online marketing by telling you exactly what to do – and giving you the actual links; “Go here, do this.

    Now you have a real, practical guide and no mysteries. It’s the perfect resource for a person with an established business, or someone who wants to start a business online. You can be an Internet “newbie” or an experienced Internet user. Anyone who wants to connect with their ideal customer online will pick up amazing insider tips and be able to use them immediately.

    Leverage Social Media

    In The WebPowered Entrepreneur, you get clear instruction on how to leverage the explosive power of social media. Follow them, and then monitor the growth of your business. These pages pull together all the information you need.

    Find out how to:

    • Develop your customized online marketing and social media strategy
    • Establish your brand and promote your business where it counts
    • Attract your ideal target customers, both online and offline
    • Convert your online traffic into revenues
    • Measure, monitor, tweak, repeat

    The WebPowered Entrepreneur – A Step-by-Step Guide is now available at: and

    Barnes & Noble:

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