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    Guest Post By Steve Olsher


    Mike Koenigs is one of the internet’s best marketers. He is the creator of several of the world’s most popular and game-changing products, including Instant Customer and Traffic Geyser. A huge proponent of the power of video, let’s take a closer look at his core strategies which you can leverage to propel your business forward.

    The “10 x 10 x 4 Formula”

    Mike has created a streamlined model for achieving success with video. It’s called the 10x10x4 formula. The first 10 represents the top 10 questions customers typically ask about your product or topic. To address them, you’ll create 10 separate videos, each typically running two to three minutes. To illustrate, assume you’re doing a video promoting your yoga studio. Questions your videos might cover include:

    What are the benefits of yoga?

    How can yoga help me lose weight?

    Am I too old to practice yoga?

    Will yoga help relieve my lower back pain?

    Is it difficult to do most of the poses?

    Once you’ve selected the top 10 questions and have articulated clear, concise answers, set up the camera, attach the microphone, and press record. Again, each video should be no more than two to three minutes long. After the footage is recorded, transfer it to your computer, edit and polish each segment, and add text (a headline) to each video reflecting the question covered. You can then upload your videos to the various distribution sites. This entire process can be done in under a day and is a key first step in establishing your position as an industry expert.

    Holy Cow Questions

    The next 10 in the 10x10x4 formula answers questions your audience should be asking. Mike refers to these as “holy cow questions,” because they allow customers to view the topic in ways they hadn’t previously considered. These are significantly different from frequently asked questions. “Holy cow questions” clarify exactly how your product will benefit your audience. Examples for a yoga studio include:

    • Can yoga help me live longer?
    • Does yoga provide better results than other forms of exercise?
    • How does yogic breathing enhance my quality of life?
    • Does yoga enhance my immune system?

    In these segments you want to let your personality and warmth shine through. In addition to further establishing you as an authority on your subject, they help you create a deeper, more personal connection with your audience.

    The Final 4

    The final 4 of Mike’s 10x10x4 formula represents the following four videos:

    • A call-to-action at the end of each of the 20 videos. A strong call-to-action moves viewers from simply admiring your message to entering your sales funnel. The action can be opting in to receive your free newsletter, signing up for a trial class, or purchasing an entry-level product. It’s best to position your call to action at the end of your video.
    • A personalized website video. To develop a closer bond with customers, greet them with a welcome video that reinforces your brand and message. Also include information that provides immediate value, and a clear call-to-action that encourages opting-in to receive additional videos. This is a proven strategy for increasing conversion rates.
    • A thank you video for opting in. When visitors opt-in, say “thank you” for doing so. This is courteous, indicates thoughtfulness, and helps further develop trust.
    • The sales video. Internet marketing experts typically follow the opt-in with three value-added presentations that include some of their best material but do not attempt to sell products. Selling is reserved for the last video. In this fourth and final video, offer the solution to a very real problem…at a price. Conversion rates will vary, but odds are good many will decide to make the purchase decision if you proactively:
      • Establish trust.
      • Provide helpful free content.
      • Introduce the audience to an existing problem.
      • Offer an easy-to-implement solution with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Selling Through Video

    Video is here to stay. In fact, it will become an increasingly important part of the online experience as time progresses. In just a few years, selling through video may become mandatory to remain competitive. Mike recommends you hit the record button now and gain valuable experience with this medium. Many of today’s top online marketers began with zero on-camera training and have spent years honing their craft and developing phenomenal products. Their status among elite industry icons is the result of a calculated, long-term process and has organically developed over time.

    Contrary to popular belief, there’s no such thing as instant success. However, the sooner you get started, the closer you’ll be to becoming the next “overnight sensation.”


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