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    Make Your Blog Unique, Meaningful and Valuable

    You’ve written dozens – maybe even hundreds – of blog posts. Perhaps at first you had writer’s block, sitting at your computer with a blank screen and a blank mind! Then it started to roll, and you got into the groove. Interesting and relevant info started to roll out and seemed to take less time. And you had more fun.

    Now, you’ve done so many posts that you’ve gone full circle back to blank mind. If this sounds like you, I have a quick solution.

    How to Profile Your Ideal Customer

    The most meaningful blog posts are those that solve a problem, fill a need, help someone make more money, or answer an important question. This concept works no matter what type of blog you write, or what business/niche you’re in.

    Do this: Sit down and start to list characteristics of your ideal customer. To define your ideal customer’s profile, specific to the niche you chose:

    • List their top 30 needs.
    • List 20 unique problems they face.
    • List 10 of their topic-related likes and 10 dislikes.
    • List 40 products they buy.
    • List 25 questions they have – answers to which are information topics they would be eager to read.

    That’s a good start. Have you blogged about everything listed here? If not, you’ve now uncovered lots of really valuable blogging material.

    While you go through this profiling exercise, add anything else that comes to mind that you feel is important to your ideal customer. Save this profile and add to it from time to time as you learn more about them. This list is gold for your blog and your business.

    Research Niche Groups

    Now that you have a great start on a rich profile, find groups on social networks that engage these people in conversations about their problems, needs and questions. Take notice of the comment threads that have the largest number of comments – they are the topics of widest appeal. Scan these threads. Cover as many as possible.

    Have your list ready and add the ideas that come screaming out, because these online conversations are your gold. You’ll find all the topic material you need for your next 100 blog posts.

    How to Find a Group

    On Facebook: Enter keywords for your niche in the search field at the top of any Facebook page. Filter the search results to show only groups by clicking the “Groups” icon in the left-hand column of the screen. Scroll through the available results to look for your group. If the group does not show up on the first page, click “Show More Results” at the bottom of the page.

    On LinkedIn: You can find and join LinkedIn groups from the Groups Directory or the Groups You May Like page. Please note that there may be multiple groups on LinkedIn for each interest, organization, or affiliation.

    Have you tried searching Google for Groups?


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