How to Make Your Video Go Viral

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    Viral Videos Need a Boost to Get Started

    OK, so you have a video on YouTube that you think could go viral. It’s short, clever, shocking, challenging, controversial, funny or touches your emotions. You gave it an attention-grabbing headline, an intriguing thumbnail, and you tagged it. You’ve also gotten lots of comments, your own and others.

    Viral Videos Are Often Funny

    How Do You Launch it Into Viral Land?

    Marketing. You must give it an initial push in order to capture your audience’s attention.

    It may surprise you, but some of the best and biggest viral videos are the result of careful marketing plans. And if someone else did it, so can you.

    Here’s how to market your video:

    1. Blast it out to your email list
    2. Tweet about it.
    3. Embed it AND share it on Facebook. Ask friends to share it.
    4. Submit it to other big social networking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Slashdot.
    5. Do the same on your blog and website.
    6. Ask high profile bloggers to write about it.
    7. Go to groups and forums that are relevant, post it, and start threads about it.
    8. Include a link to your video in your comment on a very active thread.

    More Video Sites

    And, while you’re at it, go ahead and post it to some of the other social video sites such as, GoogleVideo,,,, and,

    Do you have any favorite tricks for making your video go viral?


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