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    Case Study – Ready, Set, LAUNCH!

    As you may already know, I have the pleasure of working with entrepreneurs and helping them launch or grow their companies. One of my recent clients, BreathalEyes LLC, just launched a smartphone app (for your iPhone) that tests your blood alcohol content (BAC) in less than ten seconds! Here is BreathalEyes in the App Store. BUY IT – it’s just 99 cents. No kidding – it may just save your life, or that of a friend or another driver.

    Marketing the Smartphone App

    These smart entrepreneurs, led by Founder Russell Ries, Jr., have launched with a bang

    because they promoted their app online as well as offline. They spent many hours doing the usual online posting, including a Facebook page, a Twitter account (@BreathalEyes), and a Google + page.

    They also had the insight to make a relatively small investment and engage a marketing consulting company, Appency, that exclusively helps clients launch and market smartphone apps. The folks at Appency know many of the key media contacts in the app space and have had success getting their clients’ stories placed.

    App Media Coverage

    The results: here are a few links to the media coverage they’ve received in the past month:

    First and foremost, they were featured on Huffington Post!!! Here it is.

    Other impressive media coverage includes:

    WSJ Tech.



    Review on This is one of the bigger app review sites.

    Insurance Journal

    Discovery News

    The Sun

    Daily Mail


    More Marketing Exposure for the BreathalEyes App

    Ries was also invited to speak at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s conference on BAC Detection on April 18th. BreathalEyes management has received some pretty good feedback from individual law enforcement officers. The TBI has invited them to start attending their “wet labs”, which is when they get people drunk at the police station to practice checking their BACs!

    Do you have more ingredients for the ‘Secret Sauce’ to market a smartphone app?


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