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    Do you want to create goodwill with customers, attract new customers, and possibly go viral? Then offering an ebook on issues important to your Ideal Customer may be one of the most powerful things you can do.

    Ebooks online live forever. Once you write it, it will be working for you 24/7. Be sure to use your best keywords in the title, subtitle, and chapter headings. Use keywords 3% of the time in your content. That means that out of every 100 words, use your keywords 3 times. Doing this is vitally important to getting found.

    The electronic book market is exploding with the advent of the electronic book reader, such as Amazon’s Kindle, Sony Reader, and Apple iPad. People are eager to load content onto them, especially if it’s something they enjoy or need.

    eBook Publishing and Marketing

    Several websites make publishing an ebook easy:

    At these sites, you can upload your digital content files (ebooks) for free. Then you can give them away, or sell them. Additionally, Lulu ( offers a host of pre-publishing, marketing and distribution services.

    Ebooks are an enticing way to get email subscribers to opt-in. Usually free, they offer in-depth information, complemented by links and more resources. In order to implement an e-book strategy effectively, choose one significant problem from your customer profile list and expound upon the solution. Don’t cover a range of issues (or opportunities) in an e-book. Rather, make it 15-20 pages and repeat for additional topics. It’s not necessary or good business to give everything away in one ebook.

    Get Oriented

    If you’re unfamiliar with the format and content of ebooks, search Google for “free ebooks” and take a look at a few of them. Choose one or two that you like as models and just start writing! By laying out the table of contents first, you can narrow your focus and organize your thoughts for writing the content.

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