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    High Tech Advertising Hits the Streets

    Do you sometimes wonder if your ad campaigns make any impact at all?

    If so, you’ll be interested in learning about nomADic genius. I recently had the distinct pleasure of meeting the local owner, Regis George, an energetic and dynamic entrepreneur who helps businesses cut through the daily barrage of advertising clutter. (I have no connection and do not benefit in any way …just passing along something I believe is worth knowing about!)

    NomADic genius is a mobile rolling, scrolling 3D illuminating machine – built to attract your target audience’s attention. According to Regis’ advertisers, it works!

    nomADic genius' - mobile billboard

    Advertise To Get the Best Results

    Here’s what one client said about their ad campaign and results:

    “As a seasoned marketer I am always testing different advertising outlets to see what gets the best results. The advertising we have done with nomADic genius has paid for itself ten fold. I highly recommend it to everyone trying to build their business customer base!”

    – Ed C., Nashville MMA

    Gameness – The Gameness Fighting Championships

    Why do Mobile Billboards Work?

    According to Regis, Americans spend an average of 15 hours a week in their cars, either as driver or passenger, and they perceive that traffic is increasing. In fact, the Census reports that commute times increased 18% from 1995 to 2005. So advertisers have a captive audience – attracted to the movement of a very bright, intriguing new technology – and its advertising message comes alive.

    Mobile advertising doubles the attention of a static billboard, and has a mind-boggling 97% consumer recall rate. Let’s face it, you don’t often see trucks like this particular truck – so it’s astoundingly memorable.

    National CPM (per Media Dynamics)

    Mobile truck advertising is practical, affordable, has a high impact, and offers exceptional frequency and reach.

    Take a look at this comparison of cost per thousand impressions:

    $26.58 TV 30 second spot

    $24.95 Newspaper 1/3 page B/W

    $11.76 Magazine full page

    $11.75 Radio 30 second spot

    $ 6.24 Billboard (rotating)

    $ 4.20 nomADic genius 6×10 FULL COLOR

    “I cannot say enough good things about Nomadic genius. Our employees tell us customers see our ads all over town. We receive feedback like, “This is a gold mine! nomADic genius highly interactive program delivers with structure and impact. The materials used are of the highest quality and when you see your ad light up the streets … you cannot help but look. I was personally and professionally inspired by this company the concept and response speak for itself. The service and support by nomADic genius are incomparable.”

    – Bridget S., IBDM and Marketing Director

    Lexus of Nashville Cool Springs and Madison

    If you’re interested in learning more, you can contact Regis George by email: Regis @ nomadicgenius dot com OR by phone: 615.336.6678 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 615.336.6678 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

    Have you found any revolutionary new advertising mediums?


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