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    A valuable tool for Internet marketing

    You’ve gotten out there and created a Facebook page for your business, but now you face the challenge of convincing current and potential customers to pay attention. One way to accomplish this is by creating a special landing page featuring a call-to-action asking visitors who are not currently marked as fans to indicate that they “Like” you, allowing your updates to be sent directly to their personal Facebook walls.

    How do you do it?

    Creating and configuring a call-to-action and landing page is fairly easy, and even novice users should be able to have one up and running quickly thanks to a step-by-step guide from the marketing professionals at HubSpot.

    • First, create a call-to-action graphic. They are available free at a number of places around the Internet, and Hubspot has a free generator as well.
      • Include a basic introduction and make the “Like” button easy to spot, then save it on your personal web space so that you can link to it later.
    • Next, you must enable the “Static FBML” app on Facebook. This creates a box on your Facebook page in which you can render HTML or FBML.
    • Plug your image’s Web address into the FBML (Facebook Markup Language) code provided by HubSpot.
    • Paste the full FBML code into the proper box inside the “Static FBML” app, name your page, and save the changes.
    • Finally, set your new landing page as the default view for visitors by clicking on the “Wall” tab and selecting “Settings,” then “View Settings.” Under the list “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else,” select the name of your landing page, and it’s done.

    Other uses

    In addition to gathering followers, landing pages can be used to promote special deals, call attention to new products, or draw visitors in with an attractive and engaging splash page.

    Fast, free, simple, and effective. Why don’t you have one?


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