Starting with Specific Goals for Social Media Success

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    Social Media Success: Starting with Clear Goals

    What do you want to achieve?

    Hundreds of millions of organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals have created social networking profiles. They’ve populated their pages with detailed history, specific product and service descriptions, and even custom brand designs.

    They’ve spent countless man-hours seeking friends, fans, and group members to accept their invitations or like their page, posting new content and writing their status updates.

    TO WHAT END? Nearly every time I ask, I get a deer-in-the-headlights reaction.

    Above all else, clearly defined social media goals should drive your strategy and execution plan.

    Example social media marketing goals

    Every single entity is different – and so is their marketing strategy and tactics, both offline and online. No “one size fits all” approach to social media marketing works (very well).

    Sure, you can have a Facebook presence and get some sort of result, but if you set goals and determine effective online tactics, your results can become dynamic.

    So, what do you want to achieve? Examples could include:

    • Increase awareness – Brand recognition
    • Social Authority – recognition as a subject matter expert (SME)
    • Increased traffic – Bring your visitors up a learning curve about your offerings
    • Attract influencers in your niche
    • Gain allegiance and build your own brand ambassadors
    • Convert traffic via your call to action – what do you want them to do?

    For instance, banks regularly use Facebook to increase both their deposit balances and small business loans.

    How does your target audience use each platform?

    As you set out your strategy to achieve your goals, consider: What are the inherent benefits and limitations of the platform? Of the tactics? Of the tools?

    How can you interact on that platform to best engage your target audience? Again, no one-size-fits-all message works for all social media marketing. Each platform or tool must be utilized specifically as it was intended, which takes a bit of research and listening on your part to get a feel for the culture of the community there.

    Monitor and measure

    When you launch your social media marketing campaign, be sure to have monitoring tools in place to quantify results AND give subjective results. The quality of your traffic’s engagement is enormously important, as well as the quantity.

    How will you integrate your social media initiatives into your current master marketing plan?

    How does YOUR social media marketing strategy help you achieve your goals? Share an example with us.


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