How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network

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    From Zero to 23,000 in 18 Months – A Case Study

    LinkedIn is considered a highly professional, discerning business (social) network. Their model originally required introductions from your current network members in order to meet someone ‘new’. It was certainly inconvenient, and intentionally so.

    Why is LinkedIn Important?

    From their website; “Your professional network of trusted contacts gives you an advantage in your career, and is one of your most valuable assets. LinkedIn exists to help you make better use of your professional network and help the people you trust in return.”

    LinkedIn Professional Network Growth is a Real Accomplishment

    They intentionally make it hard to add people you don’t know.

    So, when I learned that Lance Latham, of Metrilogics LLC had amassed a LinkedIn network of 23,000 DIRECT contacts (with outreach to 23 million 3rd degree contacts!), I wanted to know how. Lance was very receptive, and generously shared his strategy with me for this post.

    Significant Growth in Two Steps

    Lance started by asking his friends and business contacts, just like we all do. Then he devised two strategies to grow his network, spending about an hour every day for 18 months:

    1.) Metrilogics developed 2 valuable APP tools to catch the interest of his target professional audience:

    • Task Rate Calculator for the iPhone and iPod touch – is specifically designed to enable management consultants and operations managers to quickly and easily derive capacity rates for any task, anywhere, any time.
    • Staffing Model Calculator for the iPhone and iPod touch – enables management consultants and operations managers to quickly and easily derive optimal direct production team sizes for any work environment – whether manufacturing, warehouse, financial services, or IT.

    He then used the comments portion of the Tools page to promote these APPs. He introduced himself to interested responders, and linked via this dialogue. (You might consider offering valuable FREE information products instead of APPs.)

    2.) Lance also joined LinkedIn GROUPS in his professional arena, sending INVITATIONS to connect to 30-40 group members each day. He simply told the members who he is and what he does. Since the groups he chose were synergistic to Metrilogics’ business, he experienced a high rate of connection!

    Lance now has connections in business sectors all over the world. Congratulations, Lance, for your savvy use of an important social networking tool to enhance your business promotion.

    About Metrilogics

    According to Metrilogics’ website and LinkedIn profile; “Metrilogics helps management teams achieve dramatic operational savings quickly. Through the Metrilogics process improvement approach, companies have achieved significant bottom-line cost savings, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year — the larger the organization, the greater the savings!” You may contact Lance by phone: 317-441-6844 or email: Lance @ (no spaces).

    Have you used unique strategies to grow your social network? Tell us about them.


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