From Obscurity to First Page Google in 90 Days

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    A Case Study in Organic SEO

    I’ve never met Tony Zelinko, CEO of Bonte’ Medical Products Inc. But his post in a LinkedIn group caught my eye; “In roughly 90 days I’ve gone from obscurity with some of my products to a number of 1st place positions on Google and other search engines.

    Tony Zelinko

    According to Tony, “I hired experts and they couldn’t meet my expectations.” So he took the reins and gave organic SEO a try.

    Social Network Organic SEO Strategy

    Tony knew that links to his site (“backlinks”) from highly rated sites are important components of organic SEO. He began to post meaningful comments in group discussions (with links, of course).

    Here’s a sampling of what he achieved:

    Term: “forearm crutches for sale”First position Google out of 17,600 search results.

    Term: “crutches for sale”First page Google out of 608,000 search results.


    “I didn’t spend one dime on pay per click. So the takeaway is: use social networks often, post good content, respond to blog posts and comment. These actions will improve your presence on the web.” – Tony Zelinko

    About Bonte Medical:

    Bonte’ is a French word which means “Loving and Caring” and is pronounced (Bon Tay). Being true to Anthony’s science and quality control background, the Bonte’ business focus is on the distribution of premium medical and home health care products of the highest quality, and have the most modern and ergonomic designs. Bonte Medical Products, Inc.’s headquarters, is located in Gladwin, Michigan. Tony Zelinko’s Blog:

    Thank you, Tony!


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