What to Do Before You Interview a Social Media Marketing Firm

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    Tips for the Beginner

    I’ve heard it at least a bazillion times … You’re starting to feel like your social media marketing firm strategy is falling behind the times. You know you should at least create a Facebook page and use Twitter, but you don’t really know how to use them. (Is it worth the time?) And, even more frustrating, you don’t know what you don’t know.

    Where do you begin?

    Can you learn how to do all this social media stuff, or should you find a social media marketing firm to launch you online? (Yikes, how much will THAT cost??) And, if you DO engage a firm, how do you find a good one? A good one could be defined as a team that ‘gets’ your business, with the objective of attracting new customers.

    Define Your Offline and Online Goals

    Before you start the hunt for the right social media marketing firm, gather your management team together and focus on articulating your offline marketing and sales goals FIRST. The result of any social media marketing firm’s work is only as good as the goals they work toward, and those come from your company. No management strategy and/or targets – no bullseye.

    Once you have the offline marketing and sales goals articulated and prioritized, you’re ready to define your social media business goals. The offline and online goals work together hand-in-hand. Each supports and supplements the other. Good social media goals should at least include:

    • Identifying your online target market
    • Finding the places that they congregate online
    • Establishing your brand in these online communities (social networks)
    • Listening, listening, listening
    • After listening, easing into engagement with the target audience
    • Giving value
    • Offering solutions and converting the audience into customers
    • Monitoring, measuring, and continual improvement

    You might also spend some time searching online and reading blogs about how other businesses establish their social media campaigns. They may or may not apply to you, but you will learn an awful lot, and give you more confidence before approaching a social media marketing firm.

    What social media marketing goals have been successful for business?


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