How to Attract Laser-Targeted Traffic – Part 2 of 2

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    (Lots of background and tips are in the previous post!)

    Use Google AdWords’ Keyword Tool to get the inside scoop on how many times your keywords are searched, globally and locally.

    Go to: and type in your narrowed keywords, one at a time.

    How do Your Keywords Stand Up Against the Competition?

    Google’s Keyword Tool results will also give you a simple indicator of competition (low, medium and high) as well as local search trends, among other interesting indicators. It will even sort results by traffic and other meaningful ways … it’s a fabulous tool!

    Repeat your keyword search until you’re satisfied that you have identified at least six great long tail keywords. Repeat this for each website page, each blog post, each article, press release, etc.

    If you want to take this research to the next level, try these two things:

    1. Find your competition and check out their keywords. Jump onto a competitors’ site, click on “View”, then from the dropdown, click on “Source”. Now scroll through the mumbo jumbo (HTML) until you find the keywords imbedded into their site code. These are likely the keywords for which they are optimizing. And they very likely optimize each page for different keywords (as they should!)
    2. Use Google’s free Traffic Estimator tool to find out how much traffic your chosen keywords probably get:

    Don’t be Fooled

    Google has an auto-fill feature on the toolbar. When you begin to type your phrase, the drop-down suggestions reveal Google’s most searched terms. But remember, they are usually not long tail, specific enough to get you ranked for first page. Use Google AdWords’ Keyword Tool to test that!

    Once you master this skill and art, it will become second-nature, and your traffic will SOAR!

    What keyword research tips work best for you?


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