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    Meet the “Idea Lady”

    I invite you to meet a creative and energetic woman who helps the blogging community prosper uniquely. Her name is Cathy Stucker, the “Idea Lady”!

    Among her many innovative online entrepreneurial programs (see her site for details), Cathy brilliantly conceived of a much-needed online community – a sort of “match-making” service for bloggers. We all know how valuable guest blog posting can be, with links to your online properties, enhanced credibility as a subject matter expert (SME), and great PR all around. Cathy has taken all that to new heights!

    A New Marketing Tool Emerges

    A little more than a year ago, Cathy realized that the internet did not offer a platform for bloggers to find, or offer their services for, guest blogging. So she made it happen. I’ve personally subscribed to her BloggerLinkup newsletter, and enjoy scanning it for opportunities (wishing for 40 hours in each day to do more writing). Take a look, if you need a guest blogger, or if you’d like to offer your services as a guest blogger.

    Cathy uses the service herself and cites one particularly notable experience. A certain post, written by a guest blogger for Cathy’s blog, included a couple of affiliate links. One of the links was Cathy’s affiliate program, and the other was her guest’s affiliate program. Not only did they both make money from the affiliate links in that post, but Blogger Linkup received a coveted link from The Huffington Post. Also known as “HuffPo” or “HuffPost”, The Huffington Post is ranked the most powerful blog in the world by The Observer. What a coup, Cathy!

    FREE Social Media Marketing Tool

    Cathy also asked me to make sure you know that everything – EVERYTHING – about BloggerLinkup is FREE:

    • FREE newsletter subscription
    • FREE offers to guest post
    • FREE requests for guest posters
    • No charging allowed for any services

    Thanks, Cathy, for all your fun and helpful advice. I especially loved your webinar last night (also FREE, I might add!)

    Have you found a new or unique online marketing tool lately?


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