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    Despite Increased Adoption of Social Networking Tools, the Absence of Policies, Processes and IT Architecture Puts Organizations at Risk

    Cisco recently released the results of a third-party global study designed to assess how organizations use consumer social networking tools to collaborate externally, revealing the need for stronger governance and IT involvement. The use of consumer-based social networking tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, as collaboration platforms are connecting organizations with the external world in myriad ways.

    The study findings indicate that the business world is in the early stages of adopting these tools and in the process of identifying key challenges, such as the need for increased governance and IT involvement.


    Study Highlights:

    The Increased Use of Consumer-Based Social Networking Tools in the Enterprise

    • 75 percent identified social networks as the consumer-based social media tools they primarily use, while roughly 50 percent of the group also identified extensive use of microblogging.
    • Social networking tools are spreading into core areas of the value chain, including the marketing and communications, human relations, and customer service departments. Within marketing and communications, these tools have already become an integral part of the organization’s initiatives.
    • Small and medium-sized businesses are actively using social networking channels to generate leads, but this remains a growth opportunity for larger companies.

    The Need for More Governance and IT Involvement in Social Media Efforts

    Only one in seven of the companies that participated in the research noted a formal process associated with adopting consumer-based social networking tools for business purposes, indicating that the potential risks associated with these tools in the enterprise are either overlooked or not well understood.

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