Monetize Online Traffic: Ultimate Marketing Tactics

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    Ultimate Marketing Techniques to Monetize Online Traffic

    Word of Mouth Attracts New Customers

    You’ve heard it – Social Media has been called one big cocktail party. Why? Because it’s us having conversations on everything from our little aches and pains to the latest and greatest in our lives, loves, and laughs. So brands now understand that this casual word-of-mouth marketing is powerful – and essential to attract new customers.

    How are brand marketers using social media “marketing” to increase revenues? (By the way, ALL companies are brands online – and offline – even small businesses.) Take a cue from Christine Morrison, TurboTax’s Social Media Marketing Manager, as she describes the fundamentals of applying word-of-mouth marketing to TurboTax’s social media strategy in this video.

    Monetizing Social Media

    TurboTax gets it. They monetize social media by carefully selecting and building online customer attraction, engagement, and retention tools. BRAVO!

    In Christine’s video, you’ll learn how they make user reviews more relevant and how they integrate customer support using Twitter. Learn how they utilize other key tactics:

    • Customers can share their experience with a ‘Publish to Facebook’ option after submitting their e-file
    • Facebook news feeds for 30% higher conversion than advertising
    • Creating a community in which customers help each other

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    What are your favorite tips for monetizing social media?


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