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    How one smart business doubled sales through a comprehensive rebranding effort using social media consulting

    In this economy, business managers are finding that what worked before no longer works. Declining sales are often the first harsh blow that draws attention to a serious underlying a problem – one that they may not have even known existed. It can be quite painful, affecting employees and their jobs, even threatening the entire business.

    When the old tried and true methods (“I’m sending more circulars, making more telemarketing calls, beefing up my newsletter”, etc) just aren’t solving the problem, it’s time to try new “Marketing” tactics. Social media consulting is proving to offer real solutions that attract key target customers and turn that traffic into real revenue!

    Take the case of Lakota Trailers, a manufacturer of aluminum horse trailers.

    The Problems:

    Research from social media consulting revealed Lakota’s Problems:

    • They lacked a long-term strategy

    • They didn’t have a coherent brand position

    • They hadn’t targeted a customer segment

    The Solutions:

    The insights gained from the research enabled Lakota to roll out its solutions, which included:

    • A hybrid business development strategy

    • A robust redesigned website

    • A dynamite Google adword campaign

    The Results:

    • The site experienced a ten-fold increase in visits

    • Lakota DOUBLED SALES in an industry that is trending downward in a poor economy!!

    The entire story is quite inspiring. For more detailed information, see the full Brand Identity Marketing article.

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    Happy “Marketing” hunting!

    What case studies have you found that trumpet the success of social media branding campaigns?


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